Weight Loss Tips

So you're probably thinking 'Oooo lovely, I can find another magic tea that'll make me lose 10lbs in 10 days' or 'oh fab Evie's going to tell us how to wrap yourself in cling film to melt off the fat overnight' ...Wrong... and guess what... I've tried those detox teas and they don't work, they … Continue reading Weight Loss Tips


The Prettiest Jewellery You Ever Did See

I don't think this post will express just how utterly beautiful this jewellery is. The first thing I wanted to say is that although I was incredibly kindly gifted these items this is not a sponsored post - in fact I wasn't even asked to post about these items a such, but I couldn't not. … Continue reading The Prettiest Jewellery You Ever Did See

Valentines Day 2016

"What Is Done In Love Is Done Well" I have to confess I am only a recent Pandora addict but I have started my collection off pretty well, I got a ring for Christmas and two for my birthday- one of which was from the valentines collection. I am now the very happy owner of … Continue reading Valentines Day 2016