The Best Snacks in the World 

I am not normally one for raving about just one brand of snack, I normally like to mix up what I'm snacking on but I just HAD to share my love of these yummy things with you!  Chickpeas are a huge part of my diet anyway, I eat them in everything, I use them to … Continue reading The Best Snacks in the World 


Blog Revamp 

So you may or may not have noticed I've had a bit of a blog revamp, I think there's a few things I need to work on still but my aim is to move from a girly fun blog to a more professional clear and well structured blog and although I still want it to … Continue reading Blog Revamp 

Healthy Treats

So I put a poll up on Twitter, after i'd made some new treats, asking if you'd like to see recipes and the majority of you said yes so here we are! I have a couple of different things to share with you. Some nakd style bites which are my absolute favourite - and i have three … Continue reading Healthy Treats