Welcome to my blog, all about what Evie did, (that’s me) (the blogs about what I did)

I’m a twenty two year old student teacher, I’m a sucker for flatlays, make up & pretty clothes. I like to drink green tea whilst pondering the world that is pinterest and plan picnic parties with bunting, tents and cupcakes. I like to spread a little bit of happiness here and there and I am very passionate about self love, doing what makes you feel good and looking after our planet. I am a vegetarian with the hope to transition to veganism very soon. I like baking, blogging and taking photos. I also like camping, going to the beach and travelling. I have decided I need to do more of all of those things. I have recently started journalling in the hope it’ll help me with my own self discovery and life goals although I’m a bit of a newbie at it so any help would be gratefully received.

I am a very positive person with a very negative view on a lot of things. one of my biggest weaknesses; one of the main reasons I wanted to start blogging was to push through all the negative stuff and focus on the good stuff. I have one thing I’m good at though… rambling. Which I think I’ve done enough of…

I would be very grateful if you could follow me on my social media (links in contact section) and for any comments etc on my blog.

Enjoy the chaotic loveliness that is my life, lots of Love,

Evie x

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