Christmas For Him


Honestly will never understand it, why every year I get to the men in my life and I think what the heck do u want  and remain stumped for a very long time. I’ve come to realise that men generally like, manfume, things they can eat, things they can wear, and gadgets they can play with! (no innuendos please)


Aftershave and perfume is such a go-to product to give people for Christmas, and I don’t think it ever gets boring. I think it’s because we generally don’t tend to splash out on our favourites, or the more pricey ones on a regular basis, so it’s really nice to be able to give someone you love a treat of their favourite fragrance for Christmas.

The Hugo Boss- Boss in Motion  is one of my brothers favourite scents so I just had to pick this up for Christmas as a little treat! I also picked out the Hugo Boss HUGO Man Gift Set. This set comes with a 125ml Aftershave, or ‘manfume’ as I like to call it. A Deodorant, and shower gel all for less than £40! Again, one of my brothers faves so I just had to grab this for him and the addition of the little extras are perfect for Christmas. I think men really appreciate nice aftershave, the same as us ladies love perfume, I don’t know about you but I love smelling nice, I love it when people are like ‘oooo you smell amazing what are you wearing?!’  and it’s so nice to be able to gift someone a fragrance that they love.

Dove Men Skincare/Wash Set

I feel like skincare and wash sets are such a good go-to for anyone to be honest, but especially men. At this time of year they always come in really nice washbags or cool tins which add to the gift element of them and I know my brothers have always really liked being stocked up on their favourite skincare.


I have recently come across probably my fave discovery, and that is the Poundland Toblerone Dupes! They are … £1 obviously… but they have so many different flavours, they have the traditional milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, fruit and nut, white chocolate cookie(which tastes just like hersheys!), popping candy, honeycomb and caramel crunch, which is a lot more variety than the originals and they are so yummy, at £1 I’ve bought one of each flavour to dish out to various people!


I feel like you can literally never go wrong with socks, everyone loves a new pair of socks and they’re actually a great present or stocking filler! I watched Kate Murnane’s Men gift guide video the other day and her husband Ricky was saying how much he actually really liked getting socks and slippers for Christmas and the whole ‘socks are boring’ is a giant myth… and I have to agree… Especially when they have Wallace and Gromit on them! These Wallace and Gromit Socks from Truffle Shuffle are so cool and I know that they will go down so well.

Maps For Moments

I have raved about these guys before in my most recent ‘special birthdays post’ but I had to share this amazing picture with you too. If you don’t want to gift someone an actual star, a Star map of one of their favourite places, or somewhere that means a lot to them is such a lovely gift, and not one that I would consider too ‘girly’ – not that that matters of course, but I’m sure you know what I mean!

I picked out this A3 size poster for my brother and sister in law, with a map of the stars above Cornwall on the day they got married. It’s such a special, more personal gift, and one that is super lovely if the person you’re giving it to has their own home!

Phone cases

Another great idea for anyone, but I thought it was a fun one for men too – I have worked with FunCases a few times now and I have always absolutely adored their products, I couldn’t recommend them enough so I thought I’d let you guys know about them on here too! I have the Wonka Bar phone case, and the ‘Merry Christmas You Filthy Animal’ Case and I love them. There’s so many different ones on the site, suitable for anyone and any occasion. Such a fab gift!

Truffle Shuffle- Labyrinth Game

This is probably one of the most exciting games I’ve ever received. As you probably know by now I am a huge board/card game lover and they go down very well in my family. Not only is this game such good fun to play but it’s also so beautifully made and will make a perfect gift and the Illustrations are just gorgeous.

Joey Doesn’t Share Food Lunch box

I mean who doesn’t need a lunch box?! Such a fab present for …well anyone who eats lunch I suppose? And anyone who loves friends. The lunch box is made from bamboo and has the quote ‘joey doesn’t share food’ on it which I just love. This is one of those gifts that you know will be really loved and really useful so you can’t really go wrong!



This post contains items very kindly gifted to me, but is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. 

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