Harry Potter Gift Guide

Two things that tend to appear quite often on my blog are Harry Potter, and gift guides.

I love putting together gift guides, I love mixing it up with makeup, skin care, games, clothes, quirky little gifts and everything in between. I love finding ideas for peoples birthdays or Christmas and often finding things I never would have come up with myself. I also love giving things a theme, and Harry Potter is one of them… You can never really go wrong with Harry Potter and the Harry Potter Merchandise available on Truffle Shuffle is amazing. I also have some amazing bits from Zavvi, Top Trumps, Jelly Belly and Ravensburger.

The first thing I’ve chosen are these amazing Playing Cards, I feel like playing cards are something that everyone needs in their lives, every family has them hidden away in a drawer somewhere to crack out and play 21’s or poo face (yes that is a real game I promise)  I don’t know about you but we’ve had the same old boring cards in our drawer for years. As much as I love to traditional style cards these are quickly going to become my favourite cards, and the gorgeous little tin they come in really make it that extra bit special for a present too.

I mean there’s not really anything bad I could say about a mug in the shape of HEDWIG. … or hedgewig as my mum calls him. Whether your a coffee or tea drinker there is nothing nicer than having your favourite cosy drink in the best mug ever and I think this is officially it. This Hedwig Mug was one of the first things I actually spotted on the site when having my little root through and it’s just gorgeous, the detail in the painting is amazing, the quality – as always- is incredible and it just makes me so happy looking at his little face (and a bit sad too of course) but this would be a real winner with any HP fan you’re looking to buy for.

Next up is one of my most favourite Autumny gifts for someone who has their own home, I actually gifted this Sorting Hat Door Mat to my best friend for her birthday and its just so cute. I mean why would you not want to be sorted into a house every time you enter your front door? For reals though, this is so cool. TruffleShuffle actually really got me because the little loves have put this as the product photo on their website which just blew me away I love them so much. 

Ok it says beach towel, but there is a 10/10 chance that I will be using this for every shower I have, every face wash and every beach trip because I LOVE IT, I love this Platform 9 3/4 Towel. Throughout the whole time of loving Harry Potter, I’ve always adored the 9 3/4 logo, I don’t know what it is; whether its the fact it signifies the beginning of it all, and the first real piece of magic watching everyone step through the wall in the station, but it’s so special. Look at me getting all sentimental about HP but the books, the films, the merchandise, they all just give me so many happy feels and I love it.

Harry Potter Jelly Bean Wand

I mean if you can’t have a real Harry Potter wand, then what’s the next best thing? Chocolate of course! This is Voldemort’s want, and they also have Harry’s Wand, Dumbledore’s, Hermionies and Ron’s and a bunch of other amazing Harry Potter sweetie goodies including chocolate frogs, Jelly Beans and lots of gift sets too! I love the idea of pairing some of these goodies with a game or toy, everyone loves getting chocolate for Christmas and when it’s Harry Potter themed you can’t really go wrong!

Harry Potter Scarf Making Set

I’m also including this cute little gift set from Superdrug where you can knit your own House scarf which is so cool! These Superdrug gift sets are the perfect stocking filler, and I love that this is something you can do rather than something to play with, perfect for someone arty!

Harry Potter Cluedo


I don’t know about you but as a kid I was obsessed with Cluedo, any board games to be honest, but I had a proper thing for the retro Cluedo, our game was SO old that we had to replace a few of the pieces, and some of the cards went missing so little me decided to make new ones, meaning I had a very obviously ~badly~ drawn Mr plum… consequently we always knew when he did it.

This is such a cool twist on the classic game, and as a huge HP fan I am super excited about this! There’s so many added extras and twists from the original game, in the form of floo powder and ‘dark cards’. I am so excited to crack this out at chrimbo it’s going to be so fun for all the family, and it would be the best Christmas present, who doesn’t love getting board games for Christmas?!

Knight Bus Puzzle


As you probably know from my previous posts, I am a huge puzzle fan, I love jigsaw puzzles and they have helped me so much with anxiety and panic attacks I would recommend them to anyone. I also happen to love Harry Potter, so when Ravensburger kindly sent me over this Knight Bus puzzle I was so excited! It’s so different & I’ve never done a 3D puzzle before. This would make the most perfect Christmas present for any child (or big child like me) who loves Harry Potter, and puzzles! – it doubles up as a pen pot too which is awesome!

Top Trumps

Top Trumps has always been a favourite game of mine ever since I was a child. They’re so fun and easy to crack out wherever you are, and they’re perfect for all ages. I love having these to hand, whether it’s at home or out and about, I have the Deathly Hallows part 1 as it is my favourite film, but they also have a Top Trumps game for every year which would make such a fab collection!

Harry Potter Top Trumps Quiz With a Twist

I love this game, it’s like a step up from your standard top trumps and gives you that little bit extra in the game. The main aim of the game is to split into two teams, and take it in turns to ask the first question, whoever answers correctly wins both cards. If both teams answer correctly then move onto the second question of each card and keep going until one team gets it wrong. The winning team are the first to get 3 pairs of cards.

I feel like you could also adapt this game to however you want to play it, you could simply play it yourself to test your own HP knowledge, or just play with two people and whoever gets the most right wins. It’s such a fun one to be able to play around with, and much like original top trumps can be played on the go or at home… I was going to give this as a gift this Christmas but I think I’m going to have to keep it for myself!

Harry Potter Lex Go

Another great ‘on the go’ type game, versatile games you can play at home and out and about, and again suitable for all ages which makes for a great family games night!

With the Lex-Go game, the aim is to get rid of all of your tiles by making words, you each take 10 tiles and begin making words. You can ‘attack’ other players words by adding or changing letters to their words. Once you’ve used up all of your tiles you win the round, and the winner of the game is the best of five rounds.

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