Special Birthdays

So it’s my sisters 40th Birthday in December, and with it being the same month as Christmas I always find myself having to think of lots of different ideas for gifts, and I’m one of those people who always wants to find the perfect gift, or make sure it’s something really special, even though I know my sister would love anything I picked it’s always nice to get something really really exciting, and with it being her 40th I wanted to go a bit more ‘out there’.

In the first installment of my gift guides this year I wanted to put together my ideas for the perfect gifts for a special birthday, with a range of different things and different price ranges. This time of year is so focused on Christmas I thought it would be nice to take a step back for a second, because lots of people have birthday’s around this time of year too!

Firstly, I have probably my favourite idea ever, A STAR. yes… a Star. With Star Name Registry you can literally gift someone their very own star named after them,

What I love most about Star Name Registry, is that there is a variety of different packages for different prices, I think the cheapest is £14.99 and the most expensive is £89.99 so very much budget dependent, and really affordable depending on what you’re looking for. For my Sister I went for the Vivid Extra Bright Star Set. In this set you get the following;

  • Entry into the registry.
  • Locating via the App
  • A4 Star Name Deed.
  • The Sky Atlas star maps.
  • Confirmation letter.
  • A4 Wooden certificate frame.
  • Black presentation box.
  • Extra Bright Star gift explained.

I ordered mine and it arrived within 2 working days which I thought was amazing, and you can completely personalise it. I think this is such a beautiful gift to give someone for a special occasion, whether its a birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Wedding Gift…anything! It’s so personal and meaningful and I am so so excited to give it to her!


Marc Mirren Jewellery


Next up I have the most gorgeous star sign necklace. Can you see a theme here?! I picked out this beautiful Elsa Gold Chain, with the H Letter Charm and the Sagittarius Zodiac charm. I thought this would go so nicely with the gift of the Star. The Chain is 42cm in length and you can customise it with any, and as many charms as you like. This is probably one of my favourite pieces of jewellery I’ve ever included in a gift guide, it’s so beautifully made, the quality is amazing. It’s the kind of jewellery you can wear with anything, and wear it every day!




I also have an amazing selection of Eco friendly, Vegan makeup brushes, sponges, for the more make-up type people you want to buy for. I have a selection of ideas from So Eco, LGFB brushes, Invogue lashes, BrushWorks, and EyeCandy. Making a hamper of make-up bits, brushes, palettes, sponges and lashes is such a lovely idea especially if someone if new to makeup and not sure where to start! I’m totally in love with the LGFB brushes, they’re so soft and feel amazing on the skin, this is also the perfect selection of basics to start!

Alcohol Free Gin

I am a Gin girl through and through, I love all of the varieties; pink gin, sparkly gin, rhubarb and ginger gin, parma violet gin…the list goes on! But I’m also one of those people who very often will choose not to drink on a night out, and on those nights rather than reaching for a can of diet coke or a glass of lemonade, it’s so much nicer to be able to still join in on the ‘gin fun’, which is where this gorgeous Alcohol free Gin from Caleno comes in. This is delicious, its Juniper and Inca Berry and it would be the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t tend to drink, or even for someone who does but might fancy a change! 



One of my favourite gift ideas is these Urbanista Stockholm wireless Earphones in Rose Gold, this is such a great gift idea, I never knew how much I loved wireless earphones until I had them myself, there’s something great about being able to listen to music without having to worry about a cable or anything getting tangled. It also means you can listen to your tunes when you’re charging your phone! These also come in green, white and black and they’re all gorgeous. They have a 3.5 hour battery life, and the case holds 3 charges, meaning you get a total of 14 hours! They’re so sleek and lightweight and they are defo my new favourite thing! They would be the perfect gift for literally anyone in your life, they’re so versatile and would make someone very happy on Christmas morning!


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