Anxiety Vs Jigsaw 🧩

Three of my favourite things, Disney, Harry Potter and jigsaw Puzzles. you can’t really go wrong there can you?

I am so excited to share these with you, I am totally obsessed with them. I have always been a puzzle lover, but growing up I guess I thought i’d lose interest in jigsaws but I was very wrong… I think if anything I think I enjoy them more so now.

The 1000 piece puzzles and above are so, so much fun. I bought myself a puzzle mat so that I could roll them up and complete them as and when I want to and so I don’t take over the living room with tiny pieces of disney characters scattered around! But I cannot even begin to tell you just how much puzzles help me when I’m feeling a bit rubbish. They really take my mind off things, they keep me distracted and grounded. Jigsaw puzzles need your full attention to do so take your mind off whatever is buzzing around in your head but at the same time when you’re feeling rubbish and cant focus on anything else, they are a perfect thing to get stuck in to as you don’t have to really think or use a LOT of brain power, you just have to focus, something which can be super difficult when you’re feeling anxious.

I was so excited when I saw this Disney Pixar puzzle on Ravensburger, it’s in the style of a pixar artists desk and the attention to detail is just incredible.

It’s so different to any of the other Disney puzzles in that it’s not a made up scene or selection of characters together. It’s from the perspective of the artist who created and drew the pictures for the Pixar movies and as someone who also loves art this is SO cool!

I also have this amazing Harry Potter puzzle again, in 1000 pieces. This has all of the characters in, the colours are gorgeous and the quality of the photos are amazing!

I am such a huge Harry Potter fan, it’s another thing that makes me feel happy when I’m feeling rubbish and to have that combined with puzzles which as we’ve already established… help me a LOT, we have a good combo there!

I feel like the 1000 piece puzzles are the perfect balance between challenging and managable, I cannot get on board with the ‘impossible puzzles’ where they’re all white or all beans or a gradient rainbow or something which is going to result in me throwing it across the room! With these puzzles, they are challenging and keep you focussed, but they arent impossible, they dont stress me out.

Another exciting invention that I’ve found incredibly useful alongside my puzzling has been the Puzzle Sort and Go- stackable sorting trays. This is an invention that I never knew I needed, until now. These trays honestly make the whole process even better, it means you can sort your pieces into sections, colours, pictures… whatever you fancy! But having them organised into sections means you can see them so much more clearly and I LOVE them, it also means you’re not rummaging around in the box for pieces just staring at it blankly, the fact they are in the shape of puzzle pieces makes me happy too…a VERY cool invention.

I couldn’t recommend these enough, I adore the two I was very kindly gifted and I am very happy to add them to my growing collection, you are never too old for a jigsaw puzzle! And the genially really do help me, let me know if they help you too and what your favourites are!

Lots of love x

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