Jordan’s Chocolate Orange Granola

Chocolate Orange Granola

Oh my god, I am in cereal heaven! We all know that granola is the cereal of all cereals, the QUEEN of cereal if you will, but this is honestly a whole new level. I mean I have always been a chocolate orange fan as it is so it was no surprise to me when I discovered how much I loved this.

It’s a combination of oats, oat clusters, orange flavoured milk chocolate and dried orange pieces, and for me the dried orange pieces really make it. I love that the oats and oat clusters are natural flavour and not chocolate flavour themselves, which makes the chocolate orange infusion stand out more but equally not too overpowering, I mean it is breakfast after all, I don’t know about you but I don’t want to feel like I’m eating an entire Chocolate Orange every morning! …(well the more I think about it probably wouldn’t object but you know what I mean)

Gonna break it down here for you boos, the granola and oat clusters are crunchy, the chocolate is soft and creamy, and the orange pieces are chewy and soft and not only is the flavour combo excellent, the texture combo is 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 (I’m writing this at 11.26pm and I’m actually considering going downstairs and getting a bowl.

The more subtle flavour is absolutely perfect and the combination is a dream. I am absolutely addicted to this, I love pairing it with yogurt and fruit, having it in a bowl with milk, or snacking on it dry. I mean you can literally eat cereal at any time of the day and it tastes great so, you do you boo!

If you’re a granola fan, or a chocolate orange fan, then you will be a big fan of this combo and I absolutely urge you to go and purchase some of this for yourselves.

Fun fact; Jordans actually dry kindly sent me over this granola to try, but by the time I’d decided to do a full blog post on it ~ because I loved it~ I realised I’d eaten the entire bag they’d sent me so I had to repurchase it for the photos… that’s how you know it was a good’n


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