Magnitone Fuzz Off and Bamboo Cloths

If you’ve followed me for a while then you would have probably seen Magnitone products featuring for a very long time, and that is not about to change any time soon as they are such huge staple products in my skincare routine.


One of my favourite products ever from Magnitone is the Wipeout Antibacterial Cleansing Cloths, I literally use mine every day to take my make-up off and wash my face. So I was super excited to try out the brand new WipeOut! SuperNatural Cleansing Cloth. These are made from 100% Bamboo so they are eco-friendly and all natural. They, like the original cleansing cloths, only need water to be able to remove all of your makeup and clean your face which literally feels like magic and leaves your skin feeling clean, cleaned and really soft without the added hassle of other products. My skin is super sensitive so this works really well for me to then follow on with a light moisturiser afterwards.


I think the Fuzz Off is probably my favourite Magnitone product to date, now you might be thinking whaat? As I must admit, when I first heard ‘facial trimmer’  I was thinking, I don’t really consider myself as someone who would need that…however, it’s absolutely magic, I am lucky that I have super light hair pretty much everywhere but I still really hate not feeling smooth and freshly shaved. A pet hate of mine is the feeling of a slight fuzz by or above my lips or the bit in between my eyebrows. No matter how much I pluck or fuss with my brows to get them into shape they always seem to pop up randomly in the center which I don’t like. This little machine has literally changed that for me and I absolutely love it. 

It is a 3 in 1 face and body trimming tool, it has 3 separate attachments, one for facial hair, one for styling and shaping your eyebrows and one for bikini line/under arm. The trimmer is described as ‘Suitable for use all over the body, along the jawline, upper lip, cheeks and brows’ 

This little tool is so convenient, it’s so easy to pop in your handbag or travel bag, and one charge lasts 90 minutes which when you’re only using it for a few seconds at a time is a really long time! I’ve had mine for over a month and I am yet to charge it which is amazing.

I couldn’t recommend these products, or Magnitone themselves enough, everything I’ve owned from them I’ve absolutely loved, they are amazing quality and everything has become staple products in my skincare draw.


(AD- This post includes gifted products but it is not sponsored and all opinions are my own)

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