Mothers Day – Call The Midwife

In light of the new season of Call the Midwife having just ended I thought what better way to show how much I love the show than by sharing my favourite others day gift bundle idea with you, that and considering the show is based on new Mother’s I thought this would be a perfect idea for Mother’s Day!

But let’s start by talking about how great the new season is! I’ll admit, after the loss of Jenny, Barbara, Chummy, Sister Evangelina and my all time favourite- Patsy, I was skeptical about how much I’d enjoy a new season with different characters. But with the return of Trixie and the addition of some of the amazing new cast, it’s been just as incredible as the previous 7 seasons!

I know this sounds dramatic but this show honestly means so much to me, it’s something I’ve talked about in previous blog posts- I struggle with anxiety and other areas of my mental health and two TV programs that really ground me are Downton Abbey and Call the Midwife. I urge you, if you are struggling, to give it go – it might really help you too!

I started watching Call the Midwife after seeing everyone rave about it at the end of 2017- so I’m fairly new to the bandwagon. I don’t know why I didn’t watch it before this, or how I managed to go 6 years without realising how great it was but once I started watching it on Netflix, I couldn’t stop! Everything about the show just gets me; the characters are utterly perfect, they all play the roles so beautifully and each and every actor is perfect for the parts. The setting and scenery is beautiful, the story lines are amazing, emotive… and just get you right in the feels!

Not only is it my own favourite show, it is also my Mum’s… and if your mum is anything like mine then she will love these for Mothers Day.

The Board Game

This is probably my favourite of the set; I love board games, they’re so relaxing and fun to play with friends and family and when your family also loves the TV show it’s utterly perfect. I love how different this is, it’s not a copy of any other board game just with a CTM theme, it’s its own game. You have to deliver babies, help Dr Turner, race back to Nonnatus and the person who delivers the most babies wins! – I love it, it’s so much fun and if you love Call the Midwife as much as we do you will also love it!

You can play as Trixie, Valerie, Lucile or Phyllis and you move around the board by starting at Nonnatus House, taking a delivery card and then making your way to the location on the card through each turn. Once you’ve reached your delivery you collect a baby token, put your card back, then make your way back to Nonnatus House. When all the babies have been delivered and you’ve collected all of the Baby Tokens you have to race back to Nonnatus. The first player back to Nonnatus gets a Bonus Baby Token and the player with the most baby tokens wins!

The Puzzle

I am a sucker for a puzzle, again it’s something that really grounds me. I also think puzzles are a great gift for someone, it’s not often a thing someone will go out to purchase themselves so that makes it even more special to receive. Its 1000 pieces, and I underestimated how hard it’d be, but then no-one likes an easy puzzle!


The Playing Cards

Most of the cards are ‘normal’ playing cards, which I really like as I find sometimes with themed packs of cards that they can be really distracting, but the Jacks, Kings and Queens are the characters, and the Jokers are Fred which I love! The cards, like the game and puzzle are such beautiful quality.

The Complete Collection

If you buy this bundle, you essentially get the cards for free which is great! I think games and puzzles are a great gift anyway but when they’re based on something the person you’re giving to loves, it makes it even more special!


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