Mothers Day Gift Guide

Mothers day is one of my favourite times of the year, it’s a lovely low key celebration of all the lovely mummy’s out there but because it’s not hyped up as much as things like Christmas and Easter I feel like it’s less pressure, more enjoyable and much more personal.

This year I’m putting together a couple of hampers for mothers day gifts, I love picking up a bunch of my Mum’s favourite things and putting them into a lovely box or basket, adding some pretty tissue paper and flowers and making it into a gorgeous selection of gifts.

Firstly I have these gorgeous iPhone cases from Caseapp which is absolutely my favourite phone case company feel free to use my discount code WHATEVIEDIDBLOG20 for 20% off until the 30th April.

I picked this beautiful dotty case which is called ‘Drizzle’, I love how simple this is and you can’t really go wrong with a polka dot pattern, it’s everywhere at the moment…in home decor, fashion and accessories! Such a perfect pick for a gift. I also picked the case in Cappys Garden it jumped out to me because the more you look at it, the more you see. When I first saw it I thought it was just a floral pattern, but the more you look at it, you see birds, watering cans and lots of different flowers. It’s such a pretty case and perfect for my mum who is a big plant and garden lover!

I also made one case myself using a picture I found on Pinterest. My mum loves the beach and all things seaside so I thought this would be perfect for her. I love that you can create your own cases as well as pick from the many many pr-made designs they offer on the site. You can either add a picture from Pinterest or google etc, or add a photo of your own. You can also make collages and mix it up! I love the idea of adding a few photos then a few nice quotes in a bit of a montage style! – I think phone cases are such a perfect gift idea for mothers day as it’s definitely not something my mum would buy herself, but she also loves having a pretty phone as much as I do, she will love these!

Next up is these delicious choccies from Monty Bojangles, I only tried these at Christmas and they have quickly become my favourite chocolates ever! They are absolutely delicious and make great presents. They’re so luxurious and so yummy, the flavours are amazing! I think my particular favourite is Flutter Scotch, but I am also totally in love with Cookie Moon and Popcorn Carousel.

They have an amazing offer on at the moment where you can create your own trunk where you can choose a selection of 9 boxes of your choice to add to the trunk. One of my favourite elements of Monty Bojangles is the style and branding, its so unique- I love the illustrations and quirkiness of it…absolutely beautiful.

I’m also including a few pieces from my mum’s favourite skincare brand, Nivea. I am actually part of the Nivea family now which is super exciting! I love love love Nivea, it’s always been a staple brand in my skincare and no matter what else I use or try out I always go back to my favourites. I feel like Nivea is a family favourite, everyone I know uses the brand, my friends, my sister, my brother, my mum…you can’t go wrong with it, it’s so delicate and simple on the skin, doesn’t cause any unnecessary breakouts or skin issues, doesn’t clog pores or leave my skin feeling anything other than soft and cared for. My mum loves the Q10 range, so I picked up the power anti wrinkle & firming day cream. I also picked the daily essential 24hr moisturiser and primer and the Nivea Creme as it’s such a staple in the skincare drawer and I feel like everyone’s had and loved this at some point in their life! I have also included a new product; the strawberry shine long lasting moisture caring lip balm, it smells …and tastes 😂… delicious.

Lastly I have these two gorgeous products from L’Occitane, as you guys know by now I adore L’Occitane. They have the most beautiful selection of skincare and fragrance suitable for all lovely ladies and men in your life, what I love most about L’Occitane is that their products make the most perfect gifts! 

I picked the Rose eau de toilette, and to go with it, the Rose eau Parfumée Burst of Cheerfulness which is a fragranced water, you can wear it alone or wear it in combination with the Rose eau de toilette. My mum’s absolute favourite fragrance is Rose, and she has always especially loved the L’Occitane Rose scent, it’s so delicate and beautiful and really ~rose-y~ (rather than a false rose scent if that makes sense?) I also love the bottles and the soft pink colour, so so beautiful.

Have a lovely Mothers day, enjoy celebrating with your gorgeous mummy’s, and I hope you get absolutely spoilt rotten if you are a mummy!

Evie x

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