His and Hers- Valentines Day

I love the idea of ‘His and Hers’ matching gifts, I think its so cute, and seen as Valentines day is all about being cute then what’s better than a super cute gift?

I am obsessed with this fragrance, I LOVE the Pure XS for her so I couldn’t wait to smell the Pure XS for Him and it is gorgeous. 

I picked up Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her and Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Him

Firstly I adore the packaging which is a bonus if they’re for a gift! The boxes are velvet 😍with gold embossed lettering and the ‘for her’ perfume also has a golden snake intwined around the bottle.

I am totally in love with the Pure XS For Her after finding out it was the perfume one of my best friends wears, it was one of those omg what are you wearing?!’ everytime I saw her perfumes, and when you get that…you just have to have it!

I am a sucker for ‘man-fume’ … there’s something so nice about a man who smells good…ladies am I right?! Seeing as I love the Pure XS for her so much I thought the XS for Him would probably be just as gorgeous, and I was right, it smells amazing!

I feel like these fragrances are both sophisticated scents that could be worn during the day but would also be perfect for evening wear or a night out!

AD- gifted by Fragrance Direct

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