Post Christmas Birthday Problems ~A gift guide~

This post is a little later than planned but alas, it’s only a couple of days late and will hopefully still help those in need of some birthday inspo, whether that be for yourself or for a gift for someone – this time of year is so tricky to shop for!

Winter is my favourite time of year, despite it being cold, and me moaning about said coldness for the entirety of November to April I absolutely love this time of year, Autumn, Halloween, Christmas and all the festivities that come with it. I’d rather be wrapping myself up in layers of wooly clothes, chunky knit scarves and boots sipping hot chocolate than swanning around in shorts and T-Shirt’s feeling sticky. But I’ll tell you what does suck. January birthdays.

Firstly because nobody has any money after Christmas so doesn’t want to do anything, which to be honest suits me fine because I’m one of those ‘lets go for a country walk and come home and play board games‘ type of people…I promise I’m turning 24 not 84)

Secondly because you’ve just been given a bunch of lovely gifts for Christmas so as soon as someone says ‘what do you want for your birthday?’ you’re not too sure what to say. I can never think of new gifts after I’ve just been given a lot of gifts and the thought of people spending more money on me makes me feel incredibly guilty. (yes I am one of those people who gets huge gift guilt- is that a thing?)

Also it seems to come around so quickly, my birthday isn’t until the 27th, so the end of January but by the time everyone has gotten over Christmas and new year all of a sudden you only have a week or so to organise any form of birthday festivities.

However a big plus of having a January birthday is that you can go crazy in the sales the delegate your purchases to people for ‘birthday gifts’ for example, I bought myself a scarf and book the other day and my mum was like ‘oh I’ll give you that for your birthday if you like’ …I also picked out a Harry Potter soup cauldron for £3 in sainsburies which I am v excited about so I guess being born in Jan ain’t all bad.

ANYWAY. I have a sort of gift guide, wishlist mixup of things I’ve asked for, or ideas I’ve come up with in case you’re stuck on what to ask for for your own January birthday.

Lucy Watson Feed me Vegan- All Occasions I purchased Lucy Watson’s first book when it came out and I am completely in love with it, alongside the wonderful Deliciously Ella, she is my favourite ~plant based person~ that I follow online and her first book was absolutely amazing, I am still yet to try most of the recipes but the ones I have done are incredible, I am not actually Vegan myself, but I am vegetarian and my diet is predominantly plant based so this is perfect and I have asked for her second book for my birthday which I am v excited for…yay for zoodles and hummus!!

Pandora rings are always a winner for me, all of my rings that I wear every day are Pandora and I would never really pick anything else. I love that they now do January sales which they never used to do until about 2 years ago. A lot of their rings are now down to half price so I’ve popped this gorgeous Rainbow ring on my wish list. (one thing I would say about this is if you are between sizes, get the larger of the two, this ring comes up slightly smaller than some of the others and I’ve had to go for the ‘bigger’ of the sizes I would normally choose.)

Next up is one of my favourite brands, L’Occitane. They’ve recently partnered with the Rifle Paper co and have released these gorgeous limited edition products; Rose Shea Butter Hand Cream, Shea Butter Hand Cream, and Shea Ultra Rich Body Cream. Aren’t these just utterly beautiful. I mean L’Occitane products are exceptionally beautiful anyway but this collaboration with the Rifle paper co is simply stunning.

Rock Rose Gin

As a 24 year old *shudders* I feel like I’ve really found my drink now. Gone are the days where I’d down vodka and diet coke just to have a good time, or drink horrific coloured cocktails that taste purely of sugar. I feel like I’ve reached peak adulthood now that I thourghly enjoy a G&T (except tonic is gross and if you’re drinking gin with tonic and not lemonade then you my friend, are doing it wrong). My favourite combo is Gin, elder-flower cordial and lemonade with ice…mmm. I am also loving this fancy gin hype, there are so many amazing different types and different flavours that it makes it so exciting to find a really lovely one- especially for a gift, and with some of the gorgeous bottles you can get now I don’t think you can really go wrong with a good old bottle of gin for someones birthday! I loveee the Scottish Botanical gin, not only is it absolutely gorgeous but it’s delicious too.

Beckys Jewellery Boutique 

I have been after a really good quality silver ‘E’ necklace for the longest time, I have a gold one which I’ve had since I was really really little but I have been on the look out for a silver one to layer with my other silver jewellery for ages. With the layering in mind adding to this ‘E’ pendant, I am pairing it with the gorgeous silver heart necklace. I am loving the layering trend, and these make absolutely perfect birthday gifts, especially when you want to get someone something really special.

Magnitone XOXO Micro-Sonic Soft Touch

I have always raved a lot about Magnitone products, they’re a brand that really makes me want to improve my skincare routine, take more care of my skin and face and really make an effort to find out what works for me. So far these products have done wonders for my skin and it feels so soft and clear, something I’ve not really experienced before!

Trying all their new products has been so much fun, my long standing favourite has to have been the Cleansing brush, I use this most days and it has done wonders for my skin. and because I love that so much I was very excited about the new release of the XOX Micro-Sonic Soft touch. I love this little guy, it’s so perfect for everyday use and for taking on the go, the charge lasts AGES, it’s so small and compact and feels so lovely on the skin, because there’s no bristles and it’s all silicone it feels so hygienic and easy to clean. It’s just an all round 10/10 for me and would make the PERFECT gift!


Yardley Rosie Ruby

I’ve been on the hunt for a light fresh fragrance for a while now to wear on days I don’t feel like wearing the more intense fragrances. The new collection from Yardley is absolutely gorgeous and I particularly love the Rosie Ruby scent, it’s giving me all the spring vibes and making feel all fresh and lovely. This would be such a gorgeous gift for any lady in your life and I think I’m going to be fighting my mum over this!

DISCLAIMER: The list of products below were kindly gifted to me from the brands for the purpose of this post. This post is not sponsored and the views are my own. I was under no obligation to post about these products, nor was I paid to do so. I have a lot of really lovely long standing relationships with the brands I choose to include in my posts and I am very grateful for that.

  • L’Occitane products
  • Becky’s Jewellery Boutique
  • Yardley Perfume
  • Magnitone XOXO Cleansing brush

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