New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Super excited (pardon the pun) to be able to share a new release with you guys

Super Mario Bros and Mario Kart were hands down my absolute favourite DS games when I was younger. I would play and play and play them until my thumbs got locked in position and I’d thrown all the bananas I could get my hands on.

It is so exciting to have a new Mario game for the brand new shiny Switch; the console itself is so sleek and fabulous that it only makes sense to have a new game which matches the quality and calibre of the Switch.

Before I had the switch, I’d never played on one before – only on a 2DS/3DS console and I’ll admit, I wasn’t sure how much better it could be…I mean every time a company releases something new you think…how can it be that much better than the previous model? surely by now the best version has been created?! But I was wrong. I am totally IN LOVE with the Nintendo Switch. I love the console itself, it’s so comfortable to hold and play. I love how you can dock it and play it on the TV and I love that it’s so versatile and transportable, the joy cons are also very versatile depending on which game you’re playing and how many people are playing. It has been labelled by reviewers as a five star console, and I couldn’t agree more.

By connecting it to the TV or connecting to another persons Switch you can play multiplayer which makes it even more fun especially when you have a party or a few more people involved. It’s perfect for both adults and kids, or a mixture of both! I am so excited to play Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe with my family and my younger nephew- he will love it.

So…the new game…Super Mario Bros Deluxe… it includes 2 games, the original new Super Mario Bros, and also the harder Super Luigi U. which adds up to 164 platforming courses! You can play with between 1 and 4 players, meaning you can play alone or with friends and family. You can also play in handheld mode, on the go, or at home through your TV.

“This deluxe package includes Mario, Luigi, Toad and Nabbit as playable characters, and also adds the brand new beginner-friendly character Toadette! If Toadette powers up with a Super Crown she transforms into Peachette, who can double-jump, float slowly during freefall, and gets a boost back up if she falls into a pit. Nabbit is also ideal for youngsters or less experienced players who want to play along, as he doesn’t take
damage from enemies.” – This is perfect for me as I am not that good at it yet, I am a fair few years out of practice and honestly…falling down the pits and holes makes me want to cry so I love that you can change the difficulty of the game a little. There are also mini games and challenges if you fancy branching off from the main game which just gives the game some more elements to it which is great!

The graphics of the game are so good, so clear and sharp and the bright colours just take me right back to 10 year old me playing the OG Mario, but just so much bigger and better. I love that the style of the game really matches the original game and they haven’t tried to change it up too much which I think would have dissapointed OG Mario players, they’ve perfected it.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is available to purchase online and in store from £42.99, you can also purchase directly to your switch console which is fab as it means you can get it instantly and also means you don’t have to worry about carrying around a game card or losing it!

I’ve been having so much fun with my Nintendo Switch, and the new Super Mario Bros, I am not your typical gamer and I spend most of my time talking about clothes and makeup, but that’s actually a big reason why I wanted to start branching off into a Nintendo series on my blog, because it’s so much fun, and you don’t have to be a typical gamer sat in your room with giant headphones fighting battles. You can enjoy a variety of different games with friends and family and picking up a Nintendo has hugely helped my mental health- which you can read here. I have been loving playing games with my family and friends and it’s definitely been an exiting party feature. I really want to share more Nintendo posts across my blog this year and show you guys how this really is for everyone and everyone can have so much fun with it, no matter how old you are, or what type of person you are!

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