Switch up Your Christmas

Are you on a last minute Christmas present dash? Wanting to splash out and treat someone to something amazing? Or are you wanting to buy something that the whole family can get stuck into and enjoy over Christmas? 

I am ridiculously excited about this, if you’ve seen my previous blog posts with Nintendo you’ll understand why. I have loved Nintendo since the days of me sitting in my bedroom training my Dalmatian puppies to do agility trials and decorating my house to look like a beach apartment. If you’d told 10 year old Evie racing on the rainbow road in Mario Kart that I’d one day be working with this brand I wouldn’t have believed you. Yet here we are…What. And just look at what they’ve come up with now!

I am so excited about the Nintendo Switch. I mean of course, we all know that technology is advancing all the time but I am always so shocked at how amazing these things are! I am totally in love, I have wanted to give this a go for so long, since picking up my DS again – (which you can read all about here) I’ve been really enjoying picking it up and playing games again. It’s made me remember that the games aren’t just for children, and despite being nearly 24 I am loving picking the console up in my free time, and with the Switch the whole family can get involved and play it all together.

One of the best things about this is the way you can play it in so many different ways! You can use the console as you would imagine- handheld, which is amazing. The machine itself is so slick and smart. It’s fairly weighty which I think adds to the quality and feel of the console, but it’s not so heavy that it would make a difference in your bag, or feel too heavy to play – they’ve got it spot on.

You can also connect it to the TV, which is so much fun. It’s like a Nintendo DS and Nintendo Wii all in one which is the best thing ever for someone like me who spent hours on Just Dance and is now ITCHING to crack out the monster mash once again. This element gives the Switch even more value for money as you are literally getting the hand held console and the Wii style gaming experience all in one. You simply connect the Switch dock to the TV with a HDMI cable (included in the box) and then connect the main power supply. Once it’s plugged in and on, and your TV is set to show the correct screen/output then you just put the Switch into the dock, slip the side controllers off and you can then play with the controllers through your TV; you can play individually or play multiplayer games.

One of the best things about the Switch is that you can download games straight from the Nintendo Store, meaning you don’t have to have the actual game cartridge if you, A, don’t want to have the actual card, or B want to play instantly without having to go out and buy the game, or wait for it to arrive in the post! Equally, if you’d rather have the actual game card then you can purchase and play in the exact same way, and the price reflect each other so you don’t have to worry about that!

You can also download a selection of free games like Fortnite, and some demos of new games, you can also download the YouTube app, which for a blogger like me who is always watching YouTubers means I can finally watch videos on the TV which I am v excited about!

You have both a Game cartridge slot and a memory card slot on your Switch console so if you want to add storage and download games rather than purchase the cartridge then you can simply add a micro SD card to increase the storage.

I am really keen to give Mario Kart 8 a go, along with the new Just Dance! I also love the look of Mario Party and Odyssey… to be honest all of the Mario Games are right up my street so I will definitely be adding to the collection soon! There’s also a super exciting new launch coming in January with Mario Super Bros U. Deluxe which you can pre-order now! This looks amazing, a brand new take on the original Mario Bros DS game which I cannot wait for!

For now I have been giving the Pokemon let’s go Eevee edition a go, I mean the name was kind of a winner for me, being called Evie 😂. It’s pretty easy to get the hang of – I don’t have a lot of previous Pokemon experience but I have’t found it too confusing. My eight year old nephew has also been loving it. Another great feature is that you can download the parental controls app on your smart phone and you can, monitor game-play time, what your child is playing, what they have been playing and also how long they’ve been playing for. You can also restrict your child’s gaming access based on their age, making it a safe gaming experience for all.


I am very much looking forward to playing games with my family over Christmas, we have an age range of 8-60 and I think we can definitely all get involved and play games together which is always a lovely thing to do at Christmas. Connecting the Switch to the TV was so much quicker and easier than I’d imagined and it makes it perfect for playing all together, I can’t wait to get some games like tennis, or bowling or something sporty we can all compete with each other on.

The Nintendo Switch is the perfect gift, whether you’re buying it for someone you love and want to really treat, or if you’re picking one up for the whole family to enjoy together, Christmas will be so much more fun with this wonderful little console to play with!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, I hope it’s filled with fun, family, lots of yummy food and of course…games!!

Evie x


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