Jewellery Gift Guide

Jewellery is possibly one of my favourite gifts to both give and receive, you can gift someone something they’ve had their eye on for ages, or surprise them with something you know they will absolutely love, especially something personalised which you know they’ll treasure forever.

Ice Watch

This watch is honestly my most favourite thing right now. I never used to be a watch person but as soon as I saw how sparkly, pink and gorgeous this is I haven’t taken it off my wrist. The first thing I noticed was how soft it was, the material is such a soft rubber that it makes it incredibly comfortable to wear and it stays in place all day (which is one of my main issues why I don’t wear watches because they move around your wrist and its SO annoying!)

The Swarovski crystals on this watch are just beautiful, they alternate between pink and silver and they’re so subtle and classy. It’s the perfect sparkly touch without it being in your face glitter which I totally love. It looks perfect with every outfit, the light pink really lends itself to every item of clothing I own and the rose gold detail around the face and the fastening compliments the watch beautifully. I feel like this is going to become a very permanent addition to my wrist! This would make such a perfect gift if you’re looking to get someone a more luxurious present. I love the idea behind Ice watches, #TimeIsPrecious and really encouraging the concept of spending lots of time with your family and loved ones, especially over Christmas.

They also come in white and black with either a white, black or blue face. It’s incredibly hard to choose because all of the Cosmos watches are absolutely gorgeous, and looking through the website, their entire collections are beautiful, so you are bound to find something you or someone you’re gifting to will absolutely love!


Name Necklace – Anna Lou

I love love love having things with my name on them, as someone who never was able to find anything personalised when I was a child I feel like I am making up for lost time now. I love how simple and classy this is, I’ve been layering it with my other staple silver jewellery and it’s just beautiful. Personalised jewellery is such a perfect gift and I think this is utterly gorgeous, I wear it with everything an I love the font of the writing so much. I think this would be such a lovely present to receive especially if you’re like me and struggle to find things with your name on!


House of Lor round Disc With Hanging Rose Gold Trinity Knot

This is an absolute beauty, if you’re looking for something really classy and elegant then you really must check out House of Lor, they have some absolutely stunning pieces on their site and it’s so hard to choose!

I have always been a huge lover of really traditional handcrafted beautiful jewellery, I love the meaning behind this necklace. The trinity knot is one of the best known symbols in celtic culture, there are many meanings to a trinity knot, I am not religious myself but I am a lover of the sky, sun moon etc, so I tend to lean more towards the idea of it being linked to Lunar and Solar phases. I also love the symbolic meaning of it having no beginning and no end. As someone who was born into a Cornish family I adore anything celtic, I think it’s utterly beautiful. This necklace would make an absolutely perfect gift, especially if you’re wanting to choose something a little more high end for someone!

Bloom Boutique

Sticking with the personalised theme, I also have these absolutely beautiful pieces from Bloom Boutique Jewellery. I have worked with these guys before and if you saw that post then you’ll know how much I adore their jewellery.

The first I have is the Esme Personalised Birth Stone Necklace, I went for the sterling rose gold (on the adult length) with holly and the December birthstone. This will be a gift for my sister for Christmas so if you see her shhh, If you don’t want a circle you can also choose the heart design which is also beautiful! I absolutely love this, I have one with evie and my birthstone- Garnet- and my sister loved it so much I just had to choose one for her too!

Secondly is a gift for my lovely mum, I chose the Triple initial and date necklace. It initially comes with three discs but you can choose to either remove some discs or add one more (max 4) and because I am one of four children, I chose one for each of us and had them engraved with our initials and our birthdays. This again comes in silver or rose gold, both of which are beautiful but my mum wears a lot of silver jewellery so I went for that. I think this is possibly my most favourite item of my gift guides this year. I am not a mum myself but I think this is so incredibly special and heartfelt to gift a lovely mum with their children’s initials and birthdays on. Or maybe for a partner or friend with the day you met or got married.  It’s the type of thing that you aren’t going to purchase yourself but would be incredibly special to receive and I cannot wait to see her face on Christmas day!

And lastly, I picked out the Nyla Hammered Disc birthstone necklace I absolutely love this. I think it’s so delicate and beautiful, it’s the type of necklace that will go with absolutely anything and you can choose to have it with or without the Swarovski crystal birthstone if you wanted to have it completely plain. You choose the initial you would like and it’s engraved into the bottom of the necklace in lower case which I think really adds to how delicate it is. The disc itself is hammered metal


I recently came across the most beautiful brand that sells absolutely gorgeous rings. I am a bit of a ring snob I suppose you could say, my Pandora rings never leave my fingers and I don’t like wearing rings from high street shops that aren’t sterling silver or gold. Now I have completely and utterly fallen in love with Gemporia, not only have they got the most incredible selection of rings to choose from but the prices are amazing!! At first I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I have received the most beautiful, dainty, special rings I have ever seen. I put them on straight away and I haven’t really taken them off!

I couldn’t choose between the two so I went for both the  Pink Sapphire Ring and the Blue Sapphire Ring because I absolutely loved the style of these rings, they’re perfect for layering and so sparkly and gorgeous.

I also wanted to picked out a Garnet Ring because that’s my birthstone and I think it’s so lovely and personal to have your birthstone on something. If you’re looking for a gift for someone for Christmas then I always think that either personalised or birthstone jewellery makes a beautiful gift.

Lastly I went for the Tanzanite Ring with White Topaz, again this is so dainty and gorgeous. I think it looks lovely layered with the Blue Sapphire ring as the colours really compliment each other. I think rings, especially subtle dainty ones like these make perfect gifts as they’re the type of jewellery that someone can wear all the time and not really take it off, they go with everything and just look utterly gorgeous.

I hope these ideas are helpful, I’m hoping the mixture of necklaces, watches and rings will give you some ideas if you’re stuck!

Merry Christmas – Evie x

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