Gift guide – For Him

Men are notoriously hard to buy for, I don’t know why because of all the men I have in my life, (and by that I mean brothers, in-laws, friends, nephews…no husbands as of yet…) I consider myself to know them pretty well & know what they like but when it comes to picking something for Christmas I’m always stumped.

However… this year I actually feel as though I’ve been a bit more on top of things and have had some good ideas for the male side of the family so I thought I’d share them with you! I’ve got some wonderful things to show you, from skin care, to puzzles to chocolate and electronics!

The first thing I picked out was this amazingly cool retro Game Boy Watch. I think retro gifts can be some of the most fun presents to choose and to receive, it’s so much fun picking something that reminds someone of their childhood or of happy memories and I just love how cool this is! GameBoy’s were one of the first technology advances we had as kids, one of the first gaming devices that wasn’t a board game. Whilst board games are the best… (and on that note would make a fabulous gift) how exciting was it when you were given your first GameBoy and could spend hours on Tetris or Donkey Kong?!

I am all about those throwback gifts, and this is such a great idea for him as it’s a bit different, a lot of fun and will put a big smile on their face!

I think this is officially the coolest mug I’ve ever seen… I have come across some pretty amazing mugs, especially from my wonderful favourites; Truffleshuffle… but this has to be up there with the absolute coolest one ever. Any Harry Potter fan would love this, and it’s defo perfect for a man, woman or a child but if your man is a HP lover then he is going to love this. It’s also a perfect size for a man sized brew. I thought it was going to be super heavy because of the style of it and how chunky it is but it’s not, its absolutely perfect, tea drinking is not remotely restricted.

The side of it has the Diagon Alley sign on it, with the wall being the main style of the mug and then the break in the wall being the picture of Diagon Alley. The quality of this mug is incredible and the detail is amazing, unlike anything else I’ve seen!

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 presetProcessed with VSCO with hb2 preset

Keeping up with the Harry Potter theme (I mean we’ve got to sneak it in there somehow haven’t we) I have this amazing Harry Potter water bottle! What I love most about this is how classic and traditional it is. It’s such a gorgeous burnt red colour with the classic crest on it and really looks like something you’d have if you went to Hogwarts!


You can never go wrong with skincare and there are actually some really lovely sets out there for men, I’ve picked a couple out…one higher end from the lovely L’Occitane, and one more drugstore from Nivea. I think it’s always nice to pick up something that someone might not have thought of getting themselves, something they’ve had their eye on for a while or just treat them to something new they haven’t tried yet from a range you know they love. Both of these gift sets I’ve picked up contain lovely products that would be perfect for any man in your life.

What I love about Nivea is the simplicity of the products, they create such lovely gentle skincare that’s suitable for all skin types, they accommodate so well for sensitive skin and cover all the basics you’d need. I think gifting a selection of all the everyday type products is perfect for Christmas!

I also included a gift set from the wonderful L’Occitane which you guys know is another of my favourite brands, I love the female products so much that when I realised they did men’s products too I just had to include them! Their skincare is next level, everything is just so beautifully packaged and presented and such luxurious products. Whoever you’re buying for will totally love them. I picked out the Cade Shaving duo, In this gift set comes the Cade shaving gel and aftershave balm and they both smell absolutely amazing!

Next up is another item from the wonderful Truffleshuffle, it’s a Star Wars Millennium Falcon Jigsaw Puzzle which I just think is so cool, puzzles such a great gift, especially at Christmas & you can crack it out after Christmas dinner and everyone’s had a few glasses of wine. Puzzles and games always go down so well as gifts and perfect for all ages!

Chocolate chocolate chocolate… you literally can never ever go wrong with chocolate, no matter who it’s for, it’s such a good present and always very gratefully received. I’ve got a couple of options, for you dairy free, gluten free or vegan people out there Moo Free Chocolates have the cutest chocolate snowmen and chocolate Santa’s which taste so good, just like ‘normal’ chocolate and you don’t feel like you’re missing out at all!


I have also included these Monty Bojangles chocolates because they are quite literally the nicest chocolates I think I have ever ever tried. They’re more of a truffle than a hard chocolate so they are a bit different to your average box of choccies and honestly…life changing.  (I sound like I’m being dramatic but honestly, just try them and you’ll see what I mean!) I love the gift boxes for gifts, they look so fancy in a ‘too fancy I don’t want to open them but I will anyway just watch me‘ kind of way.

To be quite honest with you even looking at the photos of them is making me want to devour the whole box… the flavours are that little bit different and honestly every single one is totally delicious.

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