Stocking Fillers

Five Minute Journal 

I am an absolute sucker for gifts like this, I think it’s so lovely to have something to focus on every day and fill in to remind yourself of all the loveliness. I think sometimes it’s easy to focus on the big stuff, and get lost in the whirlwind which is life and forget about all the small things that are actually incredibly important. With this little diary you can spend five minutes just jotting down things that have ‘made today great’ or ‘daily affirmations’ just little things that can keep you mindful and grounded. It’s so beautifully designed, so simple elegant and lovely.

Missguided Babe Power Fragrance

I literally LOVE this, I love everything about it, the style of the perfume is amazing it literally looks and feels like a can, I love the rose gold colour and it smells incredible. I am always on the hunt for new fragrances and I’ve not thought of Missguided before for fragrance but seeing as I love their clothes I thought I’d branch out and try their perfumes and I LOVE it. This would be a perfect gift for Christmas, or stocking filler, especially for all your MissGuided loving friends!… the name ‘Babe Power’ also reminded me of the Labyrinth which I am v happs about. It smells delicious and I have had so many compliments on it already!

Hold Me Hair Spray

I’ve actually been looking for a really good hairspray for a while now, I am very fussy when it comes to hair spray, I don’t like a lot of the scents and I don’t like it when they make your hair go really hard. This is such a fab hairspray I really love it, it smells really light and fresh and holds really well without leaving your hair feeling stiff and weird. It would make the perfect stocking filler, especially for this time of year and you’re off to a party & want your hair to last all night long! You can adjust the strength of the hold which I think is amazing as for some looks you just want a  light spray but if you are for example, doing tight curls you’re going to want a much stronger hold & it’s so handy being able to do so with just one hairspray!


 I have been loving using Dermalogica recently, their skincare is hands down my favourite I have tried in a long time, I have written a full post about a lot of their products which you can read here. I have been trying out their new Skin Smoothing Cream and I love it. Like all of their other products there’s no nasties in them, it’s incredibly natural, soft and gentle on the skin and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and nourished which I love especially as I have fairly sensitive combination skin. This is such a lovely gift as it’s suitable for anyone and a bit of a treat for your skin!


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I’ve actually done a full post on WetBrush which you can read here, but I wanted to include them in this too as they make the perfect little stocking filler. I absolutely love these, I swear they are magic! I never thought I’d love a brush so much but I literally dread brushing my hair when I get out the shower as it’s so knotty, and brushing it means standing their tugging at my hair and pulling it out for ages. But with the WetBrush…I don’t know how …or why…or what kind of magic is going on but it literally just GLIDES through your hair… ITS MADNESS. But everyone needs one of these, they are magic and I swear by them I am going to be buying everyone I know and their dog one of these they are AMAZING.

Phone Cases

I love a good phone case, I think they make perfect gifts…everyone loves changing their cases every other day…it’s like changing your phone’s outfit! I have worked with Case app a couple of times now and they are hands down my favourite iPhone case company. The quality of the cases is always amazing and the choice is incredible!

The first case I went for is this Rainbow Case I love the watercolour effect of it, the colours are gorgeous and I love anything with rainbows on! I love that this can be used any time of year, it looks like it’s been doodled and I love it.

The second case I picked it the gorgeous Plants case, which again can be used any time of year and just looks so cute, and goes with everything. I love the muted subtle colours and that it’s on a white back ground, it just looks so pretty and delicate.

I then I made two of my own, I used pictures from pinterest to create a Harry Potter case and a Christmas themed case which I added my blog name ‘WhatEvieDid’ to the case to make it more personal and I am so excited to use this case during the festive season!

What I love about Caseapp is that you can choose between a whole variety of their cases and pre designed skins, or you can create your own…OR you can use on of their designs but modify it yourself and give it a personal touch! These make such gorgeous gifts and would be perfect for Christmas stocking fillers! If you want to get 20% off your order then feel free to use the code 20WHATEVIEDID to create your own custom phone case or laptop skin!

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