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So I have some exciting news, I have partnered up with Cake Angels to share some seasonal love, I will be doing some baking for them and am now a part of their Arch Angel Team which is soooo exciting! I do love a bit of baking, whether it’s cupcakes, cakes, biscuits or healthier baking I LAV IT.

You can either carry on reading here, or head over to their site to see my post published on the Cake Angels blog!

Our Christmas Archangels are on hand for all of your gifting inspo’ this festive season. Introducing Evie, our fabulous go-to stylist from clothes and make-up to home and bake decor!


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Find out more about Evie on her Archangel profile!

Gifting Ideas

If you’re stuck on gifting ideas, why not plan something baking related?! Baking gifts always go down really well, especially this time of year and Cake Angels have the most gorgeous selection of goodies that would be perfect for creating your own baking related gift.

Snowman Hot Chocolate Kit

I love making my own gifts, I think it makes it that bit more special when you’ve really thought about it and made something yourself. At this time of year what is better than coming home from a long day at work, sticking the kettle on curling up on the sofa and watching TV with a big old mug of hot chocolate?! (nothing right?). What’s even better than that? Snowman themed hot chocolate with extra sprinkles.


​​”​I love making my own gifts, I think it makes it that bit more special when you’ve really thought about it and made something yourself”

​Grab yourself 3 Kilner jars, or washed out jam jars, whatever you have to hand. Fill the bottom one with some sprinkles, or something yummy to top the Cake Angels Chocolate frosting on the hot chocolate (there’s no such thing as chocolate overload!). I recommend Cake Angels Zillionaire Sprinkles to give it a delicious salted caramel fudge-y taste! Or, for a more colourful hot chocolate treat, why not go for the Rainbow Sprinkles?

​​In the middle jar, fill with your hot chocolate powder of choice. If you’re going to go for the fudge sprinkles why not go for a fudge or caramel flavoured powder too? And finally in the top jar, fill with some mini Cake Angels White Mini Marshmallows which aren’t only incredibly yummy, but looks so cute and snowy too. Then, simply decorate your jar to look like a snowman. Layer the jars on top of each other to create his body, add a ribbon scarf and stick on a face with paper or googly eyes. You can even give him a hat if you want to! I think this is such a cute gift idea and perfect for all age groups… after all, who can resist a hot choc at Christmas?

Fancy giving this home-gift a try? Use my exclusive Archangel code ARCHANGEL-EVIE20 for 20% off, and treat yourself and your loved ones to these cute, food-styling essentials!

iPhone Cases

iPhone cases are such a fab gift idea; everyone loves having lots of different cases to put on their phone it’s almost like changing your outfit, and there are SO many cute ones available now. I love having a glittery one on for this time of year. When I think Christmas I think sparkles and the sparklier the better! You can also get cases printed with photos on which I think is such a lovely personal touch. If you want to design your own phone case on CaseApp then you can use the code 20WHATEVIEDID for 20% off!

I know Cake Angels are huge fans of all things magical so this unicorn case would go down a treat at their HQ! There’s also a galaxy vibe with this rocket phone case, just in time for the launch of Cake Angels’ new Intergalactic sprinkles (available at Tesco!) which I LOVE.




​Instax Mini
If you want to splash out a bit more, then why not treat someone to an Instax mini Polaroid camera?! These are so cute, perfect for capturing memories and so special having the actual photo printed rather than it just being on your phone! These come in such gorgeous colours and look so cute themselves in photos! It’s not the type of thing that you’d probably splash out on yourself so it’d be a perfect gift for someone for Christmas! I also heard on the Archangel grapevine that Cake Angels are doing a Christmas giveaway featuring this little beauty so be sure to keep your eyes peeled on their Instagram, over at @CakeAngelsUK!

​About Evie

​Hello! My name is Evie, I am a UK based beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger over on WhatEvieDid. I love all things clothes, make up and baking! I love how creative you can be with baking, both with the recipes and the decorations. It can be so much fun and something you can really enjoy with friends and family or a hobby to do alone.

If I am going to be baking then I want to go all out, I love all things sprinkles, decorations and bright colours and Cake Angels has the most incredible selection of baking goodies, you’ll never want to make a plain cupcake again. What’s great about baking and decorating is that you don’t have to be particularly good at it, you can just have fun. You can choose whether you want to cover your bakes in icing and a load of sprinkles, or go all out and make something more elaborate but either way they’ll look and taste fab!


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