Hey You… Feel My Legs.

I know what you’re probably thinking… a razor Evie… greeaaaat. BUT SERIOUSLY LISTEN TO ME. This little beauty from Friction Free Shaving is a revelation I swear.

I am going to be totally honest here…I was probably about a 6/10 excited about this product…don’t get me wrong I am always incredibly grateful for blogger mail but I mean there’s a limit to how excited you can be about a razor…right? (wrong)

First point of excitement…it had my name on it, and lets be honest, as a child who grew up with an unusual name andĀ neverĀ had anything with my name on I still as a ~nearly~ 24 year old get excited when things have Evie written on them…

Second thoughts were…ok pretty box…a bit punny…I like it.

(it was growing on me by the second)

Then I saw that it came with 3 creams, a Shave Cream, Pre shave scrub and post shave balm. Which I think is fab because I always neglect treating my legs after I’ve shaved but giving them a good scrub and moisturise leaves them feeling extra smooth and lovely.

I used it this morning and my actual words from the shower itself were “MY GOD I’M SO SMOOTH AND I DIDN’T CUT MYSELF” – Evie, shower: 9th November 2018. I am an actual s**t shaver…I always cut myself on the knees and on the back of my ankles but this literally glided…glode?…glade? (what) over every crevice and lump and bump and MY GOD I AM SHOOK.

On a completely serious note this is literally amazing, I often do reviews of products on my blog and I am always 100% real with you guys and I wouldn’t ever rave about something I didn’t like but this is literally INCREDIBLE. It looks and feels like a completely normal razor just more luxurious, and did I mention… it has my name on?

I don’t even know what it is about it…it literally just shaves…but its SO SMOOTH…it doesn’t hurt at ALL, you don’t cut yourself and it literally gets every last hair… honestly I got out the shower and emailed the lovely Hannah at FFS like HANNAH MY LEGS ARE SO SMOOTH (such a professional blogger I know)

I am going to be spending the rest of the day going up to strangers and telling them ‘HEY FEEL MY LEGS’

If you want to get your own or you want to buy one for a Christmas gift (the gift boxes are hella cute, then feel free to use the code EVIE at the checkout (not the referred by a friend bit, the actual checkout) then you’ll get FREE ENGRAVING! yay

If you decide to join the gorgeously smooth leg fam then I’ll be waiting for you on the flip side…right I need a cuppa (and go find some people to feel my legs)


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