The One With WhatEvieDid and TruffleShuffle

Friends is one of those shows you watch whatever the mood. Sad? Stick on friends to cheer you up. Bored? Binge watch friends until Netflix ~rudely~ asks you if you’re still watching. Happy? Yay let’s watch more friends. I’ve recently started watching them all from the beginning again, and with the current fashion trends very much reflecting that of 90’s friends episodes, I am hoping that my Autumn Winter wardrobe will mirror Rachel & Monica.

Image result for 90's friends fashion

I’ve been on the hunt for a Friends T-shirt for the longest time that I can pair with a cute little tartan skirt, white trainers and scrunchie and rock my inner Jennifer Aniston. This is possibly my favourite thing in my wardrobe at the moment. I mean who doesn’t want to look like 20 year old Jen…or 50 year old Jen because let’s be honest…she hasn’t changed a bit. I just love this tee, I want to wear it all the time and the thing is… it goes with EVERYTHING and looks hella cute. I love pairing it with coloured denim skirts, or a denim pinafore and wack in a Rachel Green style scrunchie and you’re good to go!

Like I said, I’ve recently started watching Friends from the beginning and I am loving following them all in order again, and so I am regularly curled up with a blanket, some popcorn and a cuppa… and if you’re gonna have a cuppa whilst watching friends you should really be having it in a Regina Phalange Mug shouldn’t you.


Hello, My name is Regina Phalange.

While we’re here why not go all out with some friends themed games… my most exciting delivery this year has to have been my Friends Monopoly. I don’t think I will every get over how cool this is…I was a huge board game player when I was younger and I won’t even try to pretend that I wouldn’t take a wine and board game night over a night out any day of the week. Monopoly is such a classic, and to make it friends themed…YES.

And as if Friends Monopoly wasn’t enough Friends Trivial Pursuit is just as damn cool and I am LOVING it. It’s made me watch the show 1000x more intensely so that I can win at this every time, its such a fun light hearted game to play with all your friends and family who probably love friends just as much as you (I mean who doesn’t?!)

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