Glo & Ray new Blush Release

If you’ve been around here for a while now then you’ll know how much I love Glo and Ray, they were one of the first makeup brands I ever worked with and I was so incredibly excited to have been able to watch them grow as a brand and be privileged to try and test so many of their gorgeous products. Not one of their products have let me down & so many are staples in my makeup draw. I’ve passed many onto friends and family who have also loved them and so you can only imagine my excitement when they contacted me to say they were releasing some new blushers.

There are four colours in the new range and each comes in a little folded pocket inside the box, with a brush in one side and the product in the other.

1. Dolly pink

2. Plumlicious

3. Violet viola

4. Rainbow galaxy

Normally when there’s a new release of products there’s a few in the range you’d pick and maybe some you wouldn’t but I can honestly say I love all four colours. They’re all so different but perfect times for my skin. I have a really pale complexion so I tend to avoid anything too bright red or pink as they make me look washed out. These new blushers are the perfect mix of more orange tones, cooler purpley pinks & peaches.

I think my favourite has to be rainbow galaxy, the combo of orange/peach with the pink hint running through is perfect for everyday wear. I also love the violet viola as I do really love purple cool toned blushers and think they go really nicely with a more evening makeup look.

As always, another gorgeous set of products from Glo & Ray, it’s been so lovely watching them grow so much as a brand over the last few years, their products are all firm favourites of mine and these new blushers are definitely going to be staples in my makeup draw!


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