Throwback Thursday – Nintendo DS

This is the best throwback ever, I am so excited to be working with a brand that as a child I absolutely loved. I remember saving up my pocket money, and all my birthday money and going to Woolworths to pick out which Nintendo DS Lite I wanted. I picked the Pink one, and it was a special pack with the Nintendogs game with it. I spent hours upon hours training my dogs, taking them for walks and changing their apartments into beach houses. And I loved it. 

There’s nothing I love more than a bit of ‘throwback’ and after a huge room clear out recently I found my beloved old DS Lite and you bet your girl picked it up and spent a good few hours chasing banana cars on Mario Kart.

If you’d told younger Evie that in a few years time she’d be working with Nintendo on some blog content then she would have probably cried. This is like 11 year old Evie’s dream come true and I am so excited to honour mini me’s love of looking after labradoodles, and trampolining her way into the Mario and Sonic olympic games by sharing these posts with you.

If you’re looking for a bit of a throwback session then why not crack out your old Nintendo, or purchase yourself a new one, I have upgraded my pink DS Lite to a Nintendo 2DS XL in white and orange which I love. It’s a lot faster than my DS Lite (considering it was over 12 years old!)

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my little Nintendo DS Lite, I was so excited about the fact it was pink, and I remember spending so many hours on it. But having a new modern Nintendo DS means that everything you play on it is so much better. The Screen is AMAZING, it’s so big but not ~too big~ like it fits in your hands so comfortably, but the graphics are so good, so clear and sharp.

Considering the fashions at the moment; home decor, clothing, hair and makeup, we’re in a bit of a throwback mood aren’t we? Everything’s very 90’s, very clueless, and 90’s Friends inspired and I freakin’ love it. 

I’m feeling really nostalgic at the moment, (probably something to do with the fact I am slowly creeping up to 24 and am massively in denial about it) and I am loving all things ‘throwback’ vibes, I even started watching the Simpsons the other day and I think that paired with my oversized sweatshirts, giant scrunchies and Super Mario Bros is telling me something.

My nephew was given the 2DS XL for Christmas last year, and we’ve had lots of fun playing on it since, I love that with games like Mario Kart and Mario and Sonic at the Olympics you can play against or with each other connecting your consoles. It just makes it so much fun for all the family to play together and definitely not just for children!

And they’re so well priced…I was actually really shocked, I mean when you look at the prices of iPad’s, iPhones etc you kind of expect everything to be $$$$ but you can pick yourself up a DS console for £129 for the 2DS XL, or grab the even more bargainous 2DS for £79.99…

You can get yourself bundles too, that come with games for only a little more ££, for example this Animal Crossing 2DSXL which is adorable. Or this Black and Lime Green 2DSXL with Mario Kart, and there’s also a whole bunch of Pokemon versions too. There is literally something for everyone and its fantastic. 

Hours of fun I tell ya… HOURS.

This is the first in a few of my blog posts working with the wonderful team at Nintendo, so if you’re loving this kind of content then keep your eyes peeled on my blog for what’s coming soon! … I also have a Nintendo meets mental health blog post which will hopefully be an interesting read so I shall let you know when that is all live


Evie x

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