Benefit Lovin’

Over the past few years I’ve been blogging about all things makeup, clothes, skincare and within that I have definitely discovered some amazing brands, created some amazing relationships with some brands and firmed up favourites that I’ve had for years.

Benefit is one of those brands that I’ve loved for the longest time and have always eyed up every time I go into Debhanems. I think my first ever Benefit product was a mini Gimmie Brow which I got free with a magazine I picked up at the airport before a holiday, and that quickly became my favourite brow product.

When I was younger I never used to spend too much money on makeup – sticking to drug store brands and buying myself £2 eye shadow from the natural collection, but since being older and a lot more into make up I have definitely realised that with make up you really do get what you pay for, and whilst there are some incredible drug store brands… don’t get me wrong I am a huge Rimmel stay matte fan, I have a huge appreciation for higher end make up that you can really count on. I mean you’re putting it on your face, near your eyes and you’re likely to be wearing it most days so you’re going to want it to be good quality.

I mean if the packaging and design of the brand doesn’t immediately draw you in then …

When I think Benefit, I think brows. Their incredible brow products stand out to me as their signature products and definitely the ones I reach for the most. My brows arent my brows without Gimmie brow, precisely my brow pencil and Ka-Brow. I love that the brow products can be used as a combo if you’re really going all out on your brows, I like to use all three if I’m doing a fuller look but they all work really well on their own for more natural, light or everyday wear!

I find the Ka-Brow my absolute go to if I’m creating a really structured brow, the size of the brush and the angle make it so easy to get a really good shape and be really precise with it,

If im going for a lighter brow then the combo of the pencil and brushing over with Gimmie Brow to set it in place and fluff up the front of my brows is my fave look. Honestly since using Benefit brow products I would never look back.

I have also developed a huge love of their mascaras. Roller Lash, and Bad Gal Bang. The first I used was Roller lash, and it completely tops any other mascara I’ve used, I have a huge thing for the GOSH ‘my favourite mascara’ and have raved about that so many times but this really does top that!

I’ve also recently been introduced to the Bad Gal Bang mascara and WOW, I knew it was going to be good after all the reviews I’ve seen on insta and in the beauty blogger world but it’s so much better than I had anticipated, let’s just say I’d give it a 15 out of 10. It’s incredible, just one coat and I feel like I’ve had lash extensions

Another product that is a firm favourite across the beauty bloggers of instagram is the Hula light bronzer. The Hula bronzer collection went down an absolute treat with so many bloggers and since owning the hula light I can see why, if I’m going for a lighter bronzed look or a subtle contour then I always reach for this product.

Pairing the hula light with the dandelion twinkle highlight makes for the perfect bronzer & highlight duo, they both smell incredible too which makes it even more appealing! I think the only thing I don’t like about these are the brushes they come with… I always use my own contour and highlight brushes but other than that another 10/10!

Last but not least in my benefit collection is the porefessional, another one that admittedly ‘instagram made me buy’ … The beauty bloggers really do have a lot to answer for in terms of my bank account 😂

I LAAAAAV this, I struggle with large pores around my nose and chin area and using this pre foundation just gives that extra flawless seamless appearance to the skin & again, smells amazing 😍

I have really noticed the difference using this under my foundation especially if I’m doing a really full make up look and want it to last all day, it makes my foundation sit so much better on my skin and stays on a lot longer & also makes it easier to blend other products in too.


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