Holiday Beauty Essentials

We’re all going on a…Summer Holiday!

My favourite time of year, escaping the sticky UK heat and swapping it for a sunny adventure. This year I’m not off on your typical, pool and cocktail holiday…call me crazy but I much prefer exploring countries, getting out and about and seeing the sights than sitting around a pool and not moving for a week indulging in an all you can eat buffet!

So this year we headed off to Austria, which is not somewhere I’ve been before… excited face…

Packing the essential beauty products is something I find sooo hard when going on holiday as I’m used to having everything readily available in my draw so having to pick just what you need for a week and not over or under packing is such a hard task… I mean I know I don’t need 8 eyeshadow palettes, 20 brushes and 10 lipsticks but what if I’ looking for that organgey coral shade I’ve never actually worn and can’t cope because it’s several thousand miles away in England…so naturally I need to take everything just in case right?!


YSL Black Opium Floral Shock is a long standing favourite fragrance of mine, it’s the one I always wear on ‘special occasions’ but I love it so much I realised why am I saving this to only wear once in a while when I love it SO much?! so I decided that despite it being a little pricier, that because it’s my favourite that I’d enjoy it whenever I want to wear it- that’s what your favourite things are for right!? So I’ve chosen to take it away with me because it’s delicious and I want to smell like it 24/7. I very much enjoy all of the Black Opium scents but the Floral Shock Eau De Parfum always really stood out to me. I used to only wear this scent if I was going out in the evening or for a special day but it’s so lovely so I do often reach for it for every day wear now, I feel like its my scent now which I love.

Paco Rabane XS For Her is a new scent for me, my best friend wears it and always smells incredible so I thought this would also be a perfect addition to the holiday/travel bag. It’s described as a cool feminine fragrance which I think is perfect for holiday as you don’t want anything too strong, or warm scented in the heat. Anything cool and light is the kind of thing you want to go for when you’re away ad anything that can work well for both day and night time wear.


When I’m on holiday I like to go for fairly light weight makeup to let my skin breathe, not clog up my pores in sticky heat with layer of foundation and concealer, but I also want to look like I’m wearing makeup and not be completely bare faced so I’ve picked a few things that I am completely loving and think are perfect for taking away. Mac is a brand which I have loved for years and has always provided me with good quality makeup I can rely on, and through Fragrance Direct you can save so much money on your favourites!

Mac Mineralize Foundation in Extra Light… extra light…yesss I am a pale person, but in all seriousness this stuff is a dream…it’s perfect for if you don’t want anything too heavy but is also really easy to build and blend. It feels nice and light on the skin so works really well for holiday and doesn’t leave your skin feeling heavy or allows for any melting.

Eyeliner is a must have for me, no matter how full or light I’m going with my make-up I’ll always have my flick on! So I’m taking the Mac Penultimate Eyeliner in Black as felt liners are my absolute go to, they stay on for ages without budging or having to top up and they’re so easy to apply without much of a drama…and I cannot be dealing with eyeliner dramas on holiday! Along with this I’m taking the Mac Haute and Naughty Mascara and I’m resisting the urge to take another 4 mascaras with me… you don’t need 5 mascaras Evie you only have 2 sets of eyelashes…

For lips I’m taking the Mac Frost Lipstick in New York Apple, I Absolutely love this shade for Holiday, it looks gorgeous with a tan and is so shimmery and pretty, perfect for both day and night time which is essential for me on holiday because most days will consist of a day trip then changing for a night out either exploring, or siting down for a meal meaning you’re definitely going to want to freshen up your hair and makeup. I’m also taking Mac Amplified Creme Lipstick in Brick’o’la


Obviously the most important item to take on holiday is Sun Cream, I honestly cannot be dealing with those kind of people who don’t protect their skin on holiday, it’s so so important and I’d much rather be wearing fake tan and keeping my skin safe than going without and risking sun damage! The first thing I went for is the  Piz-Buin Tan Intensifier Spray to help with any attempt at a slight natural tan – as a very fair skinned person I don’t really tan so I’m opting for fake tan but this will hopefully add to that healthy glow, and also contains an SPF of 30 which is the minimum I like to take away with me. Along with this I’m also making sure I have my  Australian Gold Spray gel, also in SPF 30 which I’ll keep with me at all times and it smells absolutely amazing! I love that it’s in a spray bottle as it makes it much easier to apply evenly and also very quick and easy!

Then to put it all in, of course you need a super cute make-up bag! How adorable is this Emma Lomax Lipstick Black Pouch with embroidered lipstick pattern on, I absolutely love this, it’s gorgeous and the perfect size for my holiday makeup.

let me know what your favourite things to take on holiday are! I’d love to hear your suggestions. Also don’t forget that on Fragrance Direct you can save another 10% using student discount on top of all the amazing savings they already have across the site. As I’ve said in previous posts, I’ve worked with these guys for over a year now and they are nothing short of an amazing company.

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