Foodie Evie Diaries- Gluten Free SNACKS

 I am a vegetarian, and my diet is predominantly plant based and vegan, I am not Gluten free myself but as someone who has two very close friends who are Gluten free/Coeliac I am incredibly passionate and interested in finding out new and exciting brands that are available for people who struggle to find foods that match their dietary and lifestyle requirements. Obviously the basics are incredibly important, and finding brands that sell breads, pastas, cereals etc are great and I have some wonderful ones to share with you – and they are really branching out with flavours etc now! But what also excites me is all the yummy snacks and treats that are now available for if you are gluten free and a lot of them are brands I’ve only recently come across so I am very excited to share them all with you!

If you are gluten free, or interested in what I’ve recently discovered then do give this a read and leave your thoughts and own recommendations in the comments! – I also have a new food based Instagram account to document all the fun things I find FoodieEvie so come and say hello!

This is probably my favourite post of this series; snacks, bars and popcorn type things are my favourite to have for on the go, in between meals and for if I just fancy something to nibble on. It’s also been really interesting finding lots of new and exciting things to try as when you’re out and about it can be harder to find things that are Coeliac/Gluten intolerant friendly so hopefully this gives you some ideas!

Real Handful Snacks


I firstly think that Real Handful win the award for the coolest PR package, I was so kindly gifted an awesome tee and pin badge along with some of the most delicious snacks! – this is a brand I stumbled across on Instagram and now I am all over them! They are absolutely delicious. I love a good mix of fruits, nuts and seeds and I’ve been trying a selection of their little bags.

They come in Mint Choc Chipper, Go Go Goji Berry, Espress So & So, Strawberry Stomp, Blackcurrant blast and blood orange Burst. I think my favourite has to be the Mint Choc chipper, the little touch of mint and chocolate makes such a nice mix with the seeds and nuts and feels like a proper treat! I also absolutely love the strawberry stomp and the Blood Orange Burst, what I love about these is that they aren’t ‘artificial’ flavours, they taste very real and natural, I absolutely love the combo of nuts and raisins they go SO well together and having an extra flavour of mint, or chocolate etc makes it so much more interesting and yummy!

I’ve also been trying their bars; Sea Salt Caramellow and Choc Orange Chase. I mean they are both super yummy but I am utterly obsessed with the Sea Salt Caramellow bar, its SO tasty, so many delicious flavours and its all mallowy and chewy, I think I genuinely prefer this to a chocolate bar, not only because I know its ‘healthier’ but because its genuinely SO yummy.

Gregorys Tree

This is a completely new brand to me, which I discovered through instagram, it’s exactly what I was looking for, I wanted to find brands that I’d not heard of so I could give you guys some exciting new snacks to try. I was so kindly sent such a big box of the yummy snacks and I am absolutely addicted to them! I am almost tempted not to share them because they are absolutely delicious hehe. They are fruity twists and you get two in a little packet – they are blueberry and strawberry flavoured and taste very much like a healthy fruity chewy sweet. There is literally nothing but good stuff in them- packed full of fruit and very little else, making it perfect for on the go, a little treat or for popping in a child’s lunch box.

Portlebay Popcorn

Popcorn is up there with one of my fave snacks, I love how light it is but really satisfies cravings, and you can pick either sweet or savoury so there’s popcorn for every occasion! Portlebay Popcorn has the absolute coolest flavours, it’s not like anything else I’ve seen and I think my favourite Portlebay poporn flavour has to be Lemon Sherbert. I get so excited when I find new flavours of things that are really different to what you’re used to and this is such a good combo!

Portlebay is also fairly local to me as it comes from where I’m from so I do love to be able to support local businesses! I am also a huge sucker for popcorn and having it in these little bags means I can’t eat it all at once …

I think my favourites have to be the good old sweet and salty, as that really is the best popcorn flavour! But Portlebay’s popcorn is so yum and with their addition of Lemon sherbet I was V excited to try that-  and it was sooo good!

These little bags of popcorn make such a fab alternative to crisps and such an easy thing to swap, being a lot better for you and a lot lighter too. This kind of thing also makes a good snack for children, as a snack or for popping in their lunch boxes!

Good Full Stop

The flavours of these bars are what initially drew me in, that and the cool packaging… can you tell by now that I am a sucker for cool packaging!? I love a good fruit and nut bar, a little treat to keep you going but also one that you know is full of good things. Health food never has to be boring and rather than opting for a chocolate bar full of sugar then why not pick up a healthy alternative filled with natrual sugars, all good things and no nasties. Completely gluten free, dairy free and vegan. (note, if you are vegan or lactose intollerant the Double choc may contain milk)

The flavours are;

  • Mocha & Caffeine
  • Fiery Choc & Chilli
  • Double Choc & Chilli
  • Cherry & Maple
  • Raspberry
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Double Choc
  • Choc and Orange
  • Choc & Mint

I think my favourites have to be the Cherry and Maple bars and the Choc & mint bars. I am a huge lover of the chocolate and mint combo, it just works so well. I also have loved Cherry and Maple, it reminds me of pancakes and waffles…I think it’s the maple part and they just feel like such a little treat, knowing they’re so healthy and full of such wonderful ingredients is so wonderful!

I must admit I under estimated the heat of the chilli chocolate one! It tastes SO nice and I really like it but it’s so hot hahaha


YAAAAAAAAS, firstly…if you’ve been following me for a while you will already know just how much I absolutely ADORE Hippeas, they are my ultimate favourite savoury snack, I love everything about this brand, the style of the packaging the aesthetic of their social media and merchandise and the people that work for the company are absolutely awesome.

DSCN0515 (2)DSCN0528 (2)

They are probably my absolute favourite of all the snacks, perfect to nibble on at any point in the day and a lot lot healthier than a packet of crisps! I don’t think there’s any flavours I don’t like but I especially love the ‘in herbs we trust’ and ‘far out fajita’. All of the Hippeas are so ‘flavoury’ if that makes sense? They are my absolute go to and I love dipping them in hummus! You absolutely have to try these if you haven’t before & go and read my other blog post with the lovely guys at Hippeas- Here if you wan’t more info!

DSCN0534 (2)

Pipers Crisps

I tried out three flavours of these little crisp treats, and they were really interesting. I tried the Crispeas taster box, which contains the flavours Matar Paneer, Salsa Verde and English Mint. My favourite was definitely the Salsa Verde flavour, what I love about these is how light these are and also how savoury the flavours are. I am very much a savoury snacker and I love anything pea/chickpea related and these are so yummy with their interesting flavours! I also love the Matar Paneer flavour, I have to admit I had no idea what that meant and had to google it! But Matar Paneer is a vegetarian Indian style dish, with pea and tomato flavours, both of which are delicious! I was skeptical about the mint flavours but actually the pea flavours of the crisps and the mint do go together- much like pea and mint soup I suppose! – these are a definite winner if you’re looking for a lovely savoury snack to pop in your bag for on the go!

Well and Truly

These were one of the Crisp style snacks I tried and as someone who hasn’t had nik-naks since I was a child I was incredibly excited to find out that these are incredibly similar to nik-naks but 10000x better!

The baked corn snacks come in ‘really cheesy’, ‘smokey paprika’ and ‘Sour Cream and Onion’ and they also make salted tortilla chips which are perfect for dipping in hummus, or making nachos!

I think my favourite flavour were Sour Cream and onion, and I enjoyed dipping them in a sour cream dip … I recommend that combo yaaas.

I also love their motto, ‘Say No To Sad Snacks’ food should be something to be enjoyed and I love the focus on it being a happy thing!



Another brand I’ve loved for a long time now, KIND bars are absolutely delicious, they’re made of fruits, nuts and seeds and are so incredily good for you, wholesome and yummy but taste absolutely gorgeous, and really feel like a lovely healthy treat! They have recently bought out two new flavours, both of which I was very excited to try!

Dark chocolate Almond Mint and Pomegranate and Blueberry Pistachio. I am very excited about these as they are both flavours I very much like the sound of! I have loved every single bar by KIND that I’ve tried so far so I knew I’d love these too! I love the fruitiness of the Pomegranate and Blueberry Pistachio one & it’s perfect for this time of year, but I also love that the Dark Chocolate Almond mint one is very ‘treat’ like & give you the chocolate bar vibes but of course, is all healthy things!

I think of all the flavours the Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew was my favourite, so fruity and yummy but with the chocolate in it too it felt like such a treat and because these are so chewy and full of grains,nuts and seeds they leave you feeling really satisfied.


We are all huge fans of tortilla crisps over here, whether that’s for dipping in salsa and hummus, or making nachos, or just nibbling out the bag they make some of the best snacks. Manomasa have a full range of Gluten Free Tortilla Crisps – something very hard to come by! I’m also a bit of a sucker for packaging and the presentation of the brand and Manomasa just kills it, the website, the branding and the actual style of the crisp packets are faaaabulous and makes them even more appealing!

mmm mmm mmmmmmmmmm. I LOVE pineapple, so Chargrilled Pineapple and Arbol instantly became a winner for me, I love how different and out there the flavours are, it makes a huge difference when you’re looking for GF products when they actually have fun flavours and aren’t all plain versions!

We also have, Serano Chilli and Yucatan Honey, Manchego and Green Olive, and Seasalt and Cracked Black Pepper… which is an absolute staple… one of the best crisp flavours and again, these didn’t disappoint. I am absolutely loving this new brand and cannot wait to buy and try more of their range as they have so many awesome flavours. The Manchego and Green Olive Crisps were perfect to pair with some cheese, wine and nibbles and went down such a treat!

Pure Bite

I love this range so much already, I stumbled across it on Instagram and now I am going to go on the hunt to every supermarket and stock up. They come in; Crunchy Coconut Clusters- Coconut and Strawberry. Popped Rice Clusters- Blueberry and Cranberry, and Strawberry & Gojiberry, and Nut Clusters- Hot and Spicy, and Almond. They are all dairy free and vegan and absolutely delicious. I have fallen in love with the strawberry and gojiberry pack, I love berries and anything berry flavoured so these are perfect for me. I have also been majorly loving the nutty flavours, they’re so savoury and delicious. Out of the range my fave style has to be the crunchy clusters but they are all so lovely, such a wonderful range and I can’t wait to have these as a staple in my snack cupboard.

Lil Pop

I was so intrigued with these little mini popcorn style snacks and I loveee them. What better excuse to have popcorn for breakfast than adding it to your smoothie bowls?! I mean you can literally do so much with these funky little grains. Add them to smoothie bowls, on top of porridge, munch as a snack or mix them into a bowl of fruit. Versatile snacks are my absolute go to because I am so fussy when it comes to food that I need something I can grab and adapt to whatever I fancy. I love these and knowing they’re healthy and full of all this yummy goodness makes me very happy indeed!

Creative Nature Superfoods

Ok so I have very quickly become incredibly obsessed with Creative Nature Superfoods snacks. They come in such a huge range of flavours and they really are so delicious! 

I love flapjack so much, such a yummy little snack and always what I’d pick up from a bakery, since switching to a more plant based diet I cut out those kinds of foods but now I have completely re-kindled my love for the oaty goodness because these bars are a fab healthy alternative, and also gluten free!! Salted Caramel is definitely my favourite, as always … my go to flavour and such a delicious combination with flapjack. I also absolutely loved the Goji Berry Superfood flapjack, its so fruity and yummy

I absolutely love these flapjack bars, I cannot get enough of them and am trying not to eat them for every single snack! – it’s rare to find a flapjack that is gluten free obviously due to the oat content so these are a wonderful little find! They also contain a lot of protein which is a really good find for someone like me who’s on a very plant based diet and can lack in protein sometimes!

They also sell Chia Seeds, these little seeds are such a staple in my food cupboard, I add them to almost everything, breakfast cereals, smoothie bowls, baking, on top of fruit or other snacks. They are such an incredible source of protein and iron and as a vegetarian with a predominantly plant based diet I value any additional protein. You will be seeing these little gems on my feed a lot in various meals and recipes so keep your eyes peeled!

Raw Cacao Powder is also such a handy product to have in your food cupboards too. It’s so versatile and such a fab vegan, dairy and gluten free alternative to chocolate if you’re wanting a sweet treat, you can add it to so many different things and is perfect for baking.

Hawkers Snacks

I’m super excited about these, I love ‘pop chip’ style snacks as they’re nice and light for a snack but don’t leave you feeling bloated and heavy, and because they’re made out of all good things you know you’ve had something healthy for your body and mind! Not only are they free of Gluten and Dairy but they are also a source of protein, high in fibre, low in saturated fat and palm oil free!

I’m not a huge salt and vinegar fan so I didn’t enjoy that so much, that’s no reflection on the brand- just a personal taste thing, but the other three flavours have gone down a treat! I think my favourite is the Sweet Chilli, I love dipping them into Hummus and this little bag of tasty-ness is perfect for me to pop in my bag to have as a snack at work or on the go. The other two flavours, Cheese and Onion and Smokey BBQ are also delicious. Even as a vegetarian I love BBQ flavoured things and these are so yummy! Even the Cheese and onion flavoured are vegan and dairy free so no worries there!

Bounce Balls

Bounce balls is another brand that I have been completely in love with for the longest time. I always look for them when I’m out and looking for a snack. They’re the perfect size for a little burst of energy and they come in the loveliest flavours. I love anything with a more ‘interesting’ flavour. Again…absolute sucker for packaging and the colours of these are so eye catching and bright I loveeee them.

I think my absolute favourite has to be the apple cinnamon, it’s not a flavour of the bounce balls I’ve tried before but I have absolutely fallen in love with it! I have only recently discovered that I love cinnamon, and the apple and cinnamon combo is an absolute winner. It was a tough call between the others but I absolutely adored the cacao orange ball as I do love chocolate orange flavours! Alongside the Cacao orange ball I also tried the protein energy bites which again, were delicious and like mini versions of the bigger ball! I also tried the coconut lemon and cacao mint ball and to be honest it was really hard to pick a favourite as they are all so delicious. This type of snack is my absolute favourite if I fancy something sweeter- I’m such a fruit bat so I’m always reaching for fruit and dried fruit and nuts so this is perfect.

The Snack Organisation

I have been trying to separate kind of snacks from the wonderful Snack organisation, Their Rice Crackers and their Freeze dried fruit. Both of which are incredibly yummy!

The Rice Crackers come in four flavours, Sweet Chilli, Lightly Salted, Teriyaki, and Sour Cream and Chive.  Sweet Chilli has to be my absolute favourite, I always lean towards this flavour if it’s available, so tasty. I also love the plainer Lightly Salted crackers for dipping in various things like hummus, salsa, guacamole etc. I actually took a pack on a picnic with my family & we had a variety of dips and everyone loved them.

I am overly excited about the freeze dried fruit, they are exactly the type of snacks that I reach for, and also the kind of thing I add to other things like smoothie bowls, yogurt or on top of cereal. I’ve always loved dried apple so the Freeze Dried Apple bags were going to be a straight winner for me. But I have absolutely fallen in love with the Freeze Dried Strawberry and Banana, they are my favourite and I’ve tried to savour the little bags to last on everything but they are just too moreish! I’ve been loving adding them in to my cheerios, I’ve literally become obsessed – especially the plain dried strawberries they taste so good mixed in to cereal!

The last flavour, Freeze Dried Strawberries of course, is just as yummy and perfect for when I don’t fancy the added banana. They are one of your five a day, gluten free, vegetarian and vegan. The ingredients list is literally just fruit, nothing else! As you can see from my photos – I added them to the top of my breakfast cereal and I just love them.

Rude Health

Ok so I have totally fallen in love with these bars (inserts heart eyes emoji), they are all absolutely delicious and I definitely struggle to pick a favourite but I found myself popping back to the shops to stock up on the Pumpkin bar and the sweet potato and cacao. I am a huge sweet potato fan, I put it in nearly every meal, so I was very excited to give a sweet treat a go with it in and I was certainly not disappointed!

Eating bars like this is such a good way of getting in some real natural goodness- they contain so many good things, all natural and also incredibly yummy! Another thing I really love about Rude Health bars is the texture, they’re nice and soft without being toooo soft, the perfect amount of squidgeyness- and squidgy yummy bars are my favourite thing to pop in my handbag, have as a snack or put it with my breakfast along with some fruit or a yogurt! They’re fab for any time of day and they are the most lovely flavours.


These are SO delicious, I am all about the little fruity snacks, anything light weight and sweet that gives you a little boost but doesn’t leave you feeling stodgy and overly full up. My particular favourites are the smoothie bites, I love smoothies they’re such a go to breakfast for me so I just love these kinds of flavours, they’re those kind of melt on your tongue bites and they taste so nice!

The Mango, banana and passion fruit smoothie was the first one I reached for as the flavours sounded absolutely delicious and I was not disappointed! One of my favourite snacks is dried fruit, where it might not be practical to carry around pots of fresh fruit you can always have a pack of dried fruit in your bag or at the office! They are also all vegan, gluten free and 1 of your 5 a day! completely 100% natural and very yummy!

The Great Stuff Company

I stand by the fact that popcorn is one of the best snacks every. I love that you can get both sweet and savoury popcorn now and the flavours are a lot more exciting than plain old sugar or salt! I am completely obsessed with the raspberry and vanilla flavour, it’s not like anything I’ve tried before but I am definitely addicted!!

I was also really surprised with how much I liked the sweet cocoa flavour too as I would never have thought to put chocolate with popcorn, but the combination works so well and is really nice, it makes a nice change from the sweet popcorn being covered in sugar or toffee! I defo find myself reaching for these in the evening for a nice snack and I have loved having the Chive and onion flavour with lunch or for a picnic!

Along with the gorgeous range of popcorn they also do crisp bites, they come in Super seed Crispy bites with Turmeric, and Super seed Crisp bites with matcha and spirulina which were really interesting and I was very skeptical but I love matcha and spirulina in my smoothies so I was pleasantly surprised by them! They make a perfect savoury snack and would be lovely with cheese and chutney!


The Raw Fix

DSCN4696 (2)

So we have the Raw Fix Smokey Coconut and Banana Clusters, and they are so yummy! All raw, organic, gluten free, vegan and Sugar Free. These are a fairly acquired taste but if you like really savoury snacks then these are really good! They are kind of a mix between sweet and  savoury as obviously the banana gives a bit of sweetness but the smokey flavours are more savoury so it defo makes for an interesting combo! I can imagine if you like lots of nuts and seeds etc then you’ll really like these!

DSCN4699 (2)DSCN4697 (2)

Nibble Protein Bites

DSCN4591 (2)

I’ve been loving trying these nibble protein bites, especially the cookie bites as cookies are always a winner for me, I also love the choco orange brownie flavour, these are such a  nice alternative to a cookie or biscuit as they have lots of protein in them and are much healthier but still taste yummy! DSCN4592 (2)

Grenade Bars

DSCN4655 (2)

The first thing I want to say about these is that although the products themselves are gluten free, it’s worth noting that they are made in a factory that handles Gluten and wheat so if you are Coeliac rather than gluten intolerant then it might not be for you but if you can eat them then they are delicious. 

DSCN4658 (2)

I’ve not tried this kind of bar before & I was very pleasantly surprised! I love anything cookie dough or chocolate chip related so I immediately loved the Cookie dough bar, I also loved the White Chocolate cookie and the Dark Chocolate mint! These are a perfect addition to your snack cupboard and great for if you’ve been to the gym and need an extra boost! They also do a super yummy chocolate spread which is packed full of protein and tastes SO good.

DSCN4656 (2)

Love Corn

Ok, I love love love this kind of snack, I am a huge savoury snacker and I love anything like crisps and nuts etc. I’m totally obsessed with the BBQ flavour, they’re kind of a cross between dried chickpeas, nuts and popcorn. What I love about things like this is that they literally are just what they say on the packet, there’s no nasties its just roasted corn …so basically vegetables right?! 
The sea salt flavour is a perfect alternative to salted crisps but still hits the spot for the salty cravings and the habanero chilli is perfect if you like something a little hotter! As I said, I think my fave is the BBQ but they are all really yummy and I love the branding, the little extras they sent over like the badge, stickers and bag.. just too cute!


I’m Perky and I know it.

I’ve loved Perk!er bars for aggeeeeesss they’ve always been a staple in my snack box and so I was super excited to try some flavours I’ve never had before, Goji & Cranberry used to be my favourite (& it’s still a firm love) but I feel like coconut and chia and cacao and cashew have jumped right in there! These are exactly the type of thing I like to pop in my handbag for days out, or just for taking to work to eat on my break but they’re also fab to break up and sprinkle on top of smoothie bowls. I am a huge banana nice cream fan so when the guys at perkier suggested that I try the bars as a smoothie bowl topping I just had to give it a go!

I made berry smoothie bowl with frozen bananas, frozen berries and a splash of almond milk, I then topped it with chunks of fresh pineapple, coconut chips and half a Goji and Cranberry Perkier


I was really looking forward to try these after seeing them in the shops and the fact they come in chocolate orange made me even more excited as that is defo my favourite flavour combo, I have always been a fan of the nakd style bars, in the sense of the blended dates, raisins and nuts type thing but I’ve not often branched out to the more seedy bars. It’s defo a new type of bar for me and I absolutely love them, it’s so nice to have something a bit more filling, seed and grain based snacks are a lot more substantial and obviously seeds and grains are very good for you, especially if you’re vegetarian or vegan!


So last but not least I had the cutest most aesthetically pleasing package from Aduna, now you all know by now how much of a sucker I am for pretty packaging and I think these defo come in the top 3 for the aesthetics!

In with the yummy super food bars they also included a gorgeous tin which I am going to use to store my homemade granola, and some tea bags which are all super cute. I tried out the Cinnamon spiced Cacao relax tea before going to sleep and it actually really helped! I struggle with taking ages to fall asleep and ‘switching off’ but this was so nice, warming and relaxing and tasted lovveeely, I feel like it’ll be a lovely winter/christmassy tea too!

The bars come in, Superfruit blast baobab and pineapple, Banana Boost, Choco nut bliss, Green Goodness, Choc-orange burst and Berry bite and they’re just all soooo pretty! I think the only one I didn’t like was the banana but that’s just because I don’t like banana flavoured things, that’s no reflection on the brand! My favourite was the choc-orange burst and the Green goodness was a close second with a really interesting flavour! I find bars like this a really easy, healthy tasty snack to take on the go with you and you know you’ve always got something healthy to re-fuel!

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