Hello Halo Top

I think of all the blogging opportunities, being able to work with one of my favourite ice cream brands has to be one of the best!

The Halo top hype has gone craaaazy over social media recently, with all the Pint Parties and exciting recipes you can create with them. They have the most delicious flavours and they’re so aesthetically pleasing! I have recently jumped in on this bandwagon and I have not been dissapointed! Halo Top provides me with a deliciously yummy treat which I can enjoy and not even feel a little bit guilty about. (not that you should ever feel guilty about enjoying food but …ya know how it is sometimes!)

DSCN4742 (2)

I am planning a lot of my content etc at the moment and I think I am going to be doing a full blog post every month with Halo Top so a little bit of a ‘Halo Top Series’ with different things each time, I will be starting with World Chocolate Day, and what better way to celebrate world Chocolate day, than with Ice Cream and Chocolate Chip cookies so keep your eyes peeled for that!

DSCN4753 (2)DSCN4743 (2)

I am already totally head over heels in love with Halo Top as a brand. They come in some absolutely gorgeous flavours and at maximum of 320 calories for the entire pint and packed full of protein you can’t really go wrong! There’s something really enjoyable about eating ice cream out of these pint sized tubs… I’m not really sure when we…as humans… moved from the plastic larger tubs of boring old raspberry ripple to these Pint tubs with ridiculously satisfying peel off lids hiding an abundance of cookie dough, caramel and all sorts of exciting things inside but it all gets a firm yes from me.

Another awesome fact about Halo Top, is that all of the flavours…(bar cinnamon roll and cookie dough) are certified Gluten Free!!!

The current flavours that are available in the UK are absolutely delicious…and keep your eyes peeled for what might be coming over from the US soon! At the moment we have; Vanilla Bean, Chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Cinnamon Roll Sea Salt Caramel and Mint Chip. I think Sea alt Caramel and Chocolate Chip Cookie dough have to be my absolute favourites at the mo but I mean there’s not really much competition between them.

I can’t wait to share these yummy treats you all on my blog and my Instagram, with different recipes, treats and ways to enjoy Halo Top Ice cream whether that’s outside with your friends on a hot Summer day (because yes we seem to have finally found the sun in England!) or whether that’s tucked up in bed with Netflix and a pint of your favourite flavour!

Where to buy?

Most Tesco Stores now stock Halo Top, the bigger the store the more flavours available but you can search on the Halo Top website for your postcode and which stores are stocking them near you!

Super excited to be working with this amazing company so make sure you’re following to see my upcoming posts!


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