Foodie Evie Diaries- Gluten Free TREATS

In the treat section of my Gluten free find’s I’m going to share all the wonderful yummies that I’ve discovered. Obviously staple food’s are incredibly important when living by certain dietary requirements but it’s also important to be able to find yummy treats that you can have that are free from any nasties that make you poorly! When I first started looking for all things allergen free I had no idea just how much was actually available for gluten intollerant and Coeliacs! – I have found so many amazing brands and I couldn’t wait to share them with you!

It wouldn’t be an Evie blog post if I didn’t include some delicious chocolate-y and biscuit treats would it, and these are all completely gluten free and some even fairly healthy!

Doisy and Dam

DSCN0460 (2)

Doisy and Dam definitely win the prize for the prettiest packaging and the cutest little bars! I just LOVE this brand, everything about it makes me smile, the colours, the packaging and the yummy flavours, I think my favourite has to be the Crunchy Almond Butter, I am a huge almond butter addict and any excuse to add it to something I’ll take!


Bahlsen Zoo biscuits are the cutest things ever, I mean lets be honest there is nothing better than eating a snack which is also incredibly adorable. Bahlsen have released a gluten free version of the biscuits and these just remind me of my childhood so much.

I decided to use my Bahlsen Zoo biscuits to decorate a cake which of course I made Gluten free! – I’m going to leave you with a photo of the finished cake and a link to my Recipe Blog post if you’d like to read it and give it a go yourself. I have been loving trying these zoo biscuits, I am such a huge child when it comes to things like this and the little animals made me very very happy.

Melting Pot Fudge

DSCN0569 (2)

Fudge is one of my all time favourite treats, it always reminds me of being by the sea and going into a sweet shop to choose some, which they slice up and give you in a little stripey paper bag! Melting pot fudge sell the most incredible flavoured fudge… I was so so excited about this and I have been living in fudge dream world ever since. The fudge comes in ten gorgeous flavours, I have been trying Cranberry and White Chocolate, Classic Chocolate, Salted Caramel and Stem ginger and Chocolate. They are all absolutely divine and I was very sad when they ended- I am now in a fudge induced coma, but my favourite had to be the salted caramel fudge, closely followed by the Cranberry and white chocolate. I mean who am I kidding they were all incredible but I am the biggest fan of anything caramel/honey comb flavoured. They actually do a honey comb flavoured one too so I am going to have to go out and get me one of those to try!

All the flavours are gluten free and they also stock three vegan flavours so you are in luck if you are avoiding Gluten and Dairy! I cannot rave about these enough, they are absolutely delicious and possibly my favourite of all the yummy snacks I’ve tried!

Raw Halo Chocolate

DSCN0481 (2)

Raw halo is one of some gorgeous free from chocolate bars I have to share with you all! What really strikes me with some of these Free from ranges is the interesting flavours, they seem to be a lot more exciting than ‘normal’ chocolate bars.

The Aesthetic of this brand is everything, it completely matches that typical ‘pinterest’ vibes and I am living for it. The colour and gold combo is a big yes from me and usually pretty chocolate bars are almost certain to taste incredible too!

Firstly I tried the Mylk & Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate bar.  My absolute favourite has to be the Dark and Salted Caramel, I love everything salted caramel flavoured, it’s my absolute go to and this was delicious! I also tried the Pure Dark Chocolate, the Mylk & Vanilla and the Dark, Ginger & Pecan. Although I would be quite happy to delve into huge bars of these gorgeous chocolates, these smaller bars are the absolute perfect treat.

Moo Free Chocolate

DSCN0471 (2)

Moo Free has been one of my favourite free from chocolate brands for a long time, they have some lovely flavours and you really can’t tell that they are any different to ‘normal’ chocolate, not only are they gluten free but they are also dairy free and vegan,

I think my favourite has to be the honeycomb bar, I am a huge honeycomb fan so I was super excited to try this and I am in loveeeee, it’s so so yummy and I couldn’t believe that it didn’t contain any milk or dairy and tastes so chocolatey.  I also absolutely love the mint chocolate bar, mint is such a perfect taste with chocolate and this little bar is such a yummy treat. I love everything about this brand.

Conscious Chocolate 

DSCN0437 (2)

Another awesome gluten, dairy free and vegan chocolate brand, is conscious chocolate; I just love these bars, they are so incredibly yummy and the flavours are beautiful. The packaging, much like a lot of these gorgeous free from brands is so artistic and lovely. The colours make it so hard to choose which to have because they all look so delicious and inviting, I delved into the Mint Chocolate first as Mint is one of my favourite flavours in a chocolate bar!  I am also a sucker for anything orange flavoured so these really did go down a treat. The first thing I noticed about these bars is how soft and creamy they are, if you don’t put them in the fridge the consistency is more of a truffle style chocolate and it’s absolutely delicious it feels so much more luxurious than a ‘normal’ chocolate bar and quite ‘desert’ like. You really aren’t missing out on anything with these without the milk or gluten ingredients, they are simply delicious.

DSCN0435 (2)DSCN0439 (2)


Lazy Day Foods

Lazy Day Foods has to be one of my ultimate favourite of all the treats available. I am a huge Tiffin, shortbread and cookie fan so these are a huge winner to be already. The fact that these are so gorgeous and luxurious makes you completely forget that they are ‘allergen free’ as they don’t taste or seem like they’re lacking anything at all, and just proof that anything you can eat, you can eat gluten free and vegan too!

I have fallen completely in love with the Peppermint and Belgian Chocolate slices. OH WOW. They are made with a chocolate truffle, biscuit pieces and peppermint fondant, topped with chocolate…ok help me. That is literally a combination of some of my absolute favourite things and I am in LOVE. They also kindly sent over the Millionaires Crispie Squares which are also 100% delicious, and made with crisped rice, sticky caramel, and a layer of chocolate. We also have the Chocolate Orange Slice and the Chocolate Gingers. The Chocolate gingers are a ginger biscuit, half dipped in dark chocolate and the Orange slice is a tiffin style slice made with chocolate, biscuits and raisins and is again, absolutely delicious. What I adore about this brand is how classy and lovely the products are, they are such gorgeous flavours and combinations that you would never think they were free from- as someone who doesn’t have any allergies I would pick these up in a bakery or a shop purely based on the taste and flavours, without knowing that they are allergen free- just proving being GF or Vegan doesn’t have to mean missing out!.


Love More

DSCN0495 (2)

Love more have such a huge range of Gluten free products, one thing I felt incredibly sorry for my GF friends for was the fact they were missing out on so many good biscuits but Love More has got you covered with a whole bunch of gluten free versions of the best biccies out there! I was overwhelmed with the lovely selection I have received! I absolutely love lemon flavoured things so the lemon cakes went down a treat. It’s so nice to be able to have gluten free versions of ‘normal’ foods, where you’d normally miss out on a custard cream, or a chocolate muffin you don’t have to because Love More sell gluten free versions of all the yummy biscuits and cakes you could ever need! They virtually cover every ‘normal’ cake or biscuit so you never have to miss out when others are munching on a Jam tart, or slice of chocolate cake you know there’s always a version you can eat if you’re gluten free.

DSCN0496 (2)

They also sell super handy crisp breads which are an ideal staple food for lunches or snacks! I love making crisp breads into a sweet snack by adding almond or peanut butter and munching on them with some fruit- so yummy!

Uncle Joes

DSCN4605 (2)DSCN4604 (2)

I absolutely love these little balls of minty-ness, they taste so good! I am someone who always has mints on the go, or in my handbag and won’t go anywhere without them. These are so much nicer than your standard tictac and are gluten free, vegan and super yummy. It’s not often that I find a mint or ‘sweet’ that’s suitable for vegetarians/vegans so this is an absolute must have for me! I adore the little tins you can get them in but you can also get them in small packets, larger sharing size packets or you can buy them in the giant tubs to keep you going!

DSCN4607 (2)



DSCN0480 (2)

Ombar, what a wonderful little chocolate brand. I love everything about this chocolate bar brand, they’re so super cute, I love the packaging, I love the fact all the products are raw and organic and yet still perfectly yummy little treats! The size of the mini bars are also absolutely gorgeous, they of course do come in the larger bars but the minis are perfect for a little snack or treat on the go and the flavours are dreamy! We have;

DSCN0475 (2)

I love anything with berries in, I think it just makes chocolate taste a lot more interesting and gives it a fruity sweetness rather than a chocolatey sweetness (does that make sense? haha) I have also been absolutely loving the centers bars, they’re sooooo yummy and make such a difference to having a normal flavoured or plain bar, biting into the squishy creamy-ness is so delicious, and because it’s all made from 100% organic cacao and raw ingredients it doesn’t even feel too naughty!

Joe and Steph’s Popcorn

DSCN4543 (2)DSCN4548 (2)

I am incredibly excited about this brand. Popcorn has got to be one of the best snacks in the world, it’s so satisfying, sweet and yummy but ‘guilt free’ (not that you have to ever feel guilty about food) but it’s so light you never feel stodgy or full up once you’ve eaten it!  When I came across Joe and Steph’s I was blown away by their flavour choice, the fact that all of these are gluten free has made my entire week. They are incredible and they taste AMAZING. They weren’t joking when they said ‘Gourmet’ popcorn

DSCN4551 (2)DSCN4554 (2)

They kindly sent over, the Salted Caramel Popcorn, White Chocolate and Caramel and the greatest showman popcorn. As the biggest greatest showman fan in the world I have to say this popcorn excited me so much. As you’ve probably gathered if you’ve been reading these foodie posts, Salted Caramel (& anything caramel/fudge/honeycomb related) is my absolute favourite so I couldn’t wait to delve into these, I am so excited that these are Gluten free, such an amazing find…such gorgeous flavours, and they come in some really amazing other ones too. There’s

Tasty Little Numbers

DSCN0546 (2)

I have been trying out the three different chocolate biscuit bars that Tasty Little Numbers sell and I am in loveeee, they are all completely gluten free and come in White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Dark Chocolate. As a huge white chocolate fan I think this one has to be my favourite, but the other two come very very close. Such a perfect little snack and when you’re looking for Gluten Free products it’s so hard to find a biscuit that doesn’t contain wheat, or any coeliac allergens. My favourite thing about these is that they taste like normal biscuits, I feel like there’s often a lot of bad press about GF biscuits tasting like cardboard but I wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference with these! They are super yummy and I highly recommend you stock up on them for your lunch boxes!

DSCN0549 (2)


DSCN4265 (2)DSCN4275 (2)

I am a huge minty person, I’ve always got mints and chewing gum in my handbag and never like to be anywhere without having minty fresh breath! Peppersmith is a brand I’ve been wanting to try out for the longest time and it was defo worth the wait, I love these little guys. They are so easy to just pop in your handbag and the flavours are so interesting! The two gums are English Spearmint and English peppermint, and the mints come in English peppermint, Extra strong and Sicilian Lemon and there are also strawberry and Vanilla pastilles. All of them are Sugar free, gluten free, vegan, and contain no aspartame – it’s so nice to have some mints and chewing gum that are completely natrual and healthy, no nasties. And the packaging is so stylish and chic.

Octo Chocolate

DSCN0453 (2)

The biggest thing I’ve noticed through working with free from chocolate brands is just how pretty everything is and how much effort is made in presentation, for this reason these make such beautiful gifts. The Artisan White Bar with Pistachios and Salt has to be my favourite of the selection, I love white chocolate and pistachios are my favourite nuts, this is such a beautiful combination and the flavours of the salt, the nuts and the white chocolate really complement each other.

DSCN0456 (2)

The second bar, Craft Chocolate bar Dark 65% with Goji and Cocoa Nibs is also delicious, I am forever adding goji berries to my cereal and smoothie bowls so I couldn’t really say no to it in a chocolate bar could I!

We also have the Brazil nuts coated in raw chocolate with coconut water which are absolutely divine, and the dates coated in dark chocolate, dates are my absolutely go to dried fruit I absolutely love them and they do wonders for my body and taste so so good! – I defo feel the health benefits of dates so having dates covered in dark chocolate was always going to be a good idea!

So Free Chocolate

DSCN0443 (2)

Firstly the range of this chocolate absolutely blows me away, it’s so great that there’s so many chocolate bars available for those who are gluten free and also for vegans. Although the focus of this post is Gluten Free, not Vegan, I also love finding products that are suitable for both gluten and dairy free people and I am always looking for new vegan finds! I have been testing out all eleven of their different bars… I LOVE the taste of these bars.

I think the winners for me were definitely the Tropical Orange, the Mint Chocolate and the Dark sweetened with coconut blossom sugar. These bars are so so so good, such a great alternative for both dairy and gluten intolerant people! – I mean vegans just eat leaves right?!

DSCN0446 (2)


Walkers Shortbread

I was so excited when I found out that Walkers do a Gluten Free range, shortbread is one of my favourite types of biscuits, and these come in Plain, Chocolate Chip and Ginger & Lemon. These are SO yummy, and taste just like ‘normal’ non gluten free short breads. The chocolate chip has to be my favourite, absolutely perfect with a cup of tea- are you a biscuit dunker?! I’m so impressed wih the variety available, rather than there just being plain gluten free versions of things available, there’s exciting and really nice flavours, meaning you really don’t have to miss out.

Loving Earth Chocolate

I am absolutely overwhelmed by this brand, I have to say I think they win the award for the prettiest packaging overall, and also the most interesting exciting flavours! They are absolutely GORGEOUS, I have quickly become a huge fan and I cannot wait to work my way through the different bars!

DSCN4620 (2)DSCN4627 (2)

My eye immediately draws me to the salted caramel swayzee and salted flavour, they are my favourite flavours in chocolate and these loving earth bars did not disappoint! I am also a very big fan of the Cheese cake flavour, Very Buck N Berry and the Mint bar! They are absolutely delicious, and not only are the bars incredibly yummy but the packaging is made from post consumer recycled fibre, and sustainably managed plant sources.

They are of course, gluten free, but they are also soya free, dairy free and vegan! The ingredients list is incredibly short which makes me very happy, you know exactly what you’re putting into your body and you know it’s all good things!

I honestly cannot get over this range of bars! There are so many gorgeous flavours and so much more exciting than I ever though ‘free from’ chocolate would be! I mean they look gorgeous, taste gorgeous and are made in a way that is good for you and the environment so I couldn’t really ask for anything else!

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