Happy Birthday Mumma

My mum is probably my favourite person to buy for, not only because I could give her a heart shaped leaf and it’d be the ‘best most meaningful gift she’s ever received’ but because I just love finding little things she’ll love and also buying her treats she wouldn’t normally buy herself, treating your mamma is the best person to treat and I have found some absolutely perfect pieces for her for her birthday this year!


DSCN4569 (2)


I actually have two L’Occitane fragrances to share with you in this post- I have fallen completely head over heels in love with L’Occitane as a brand in general but especially for their beautiful perfumes, they make absolutely perfect gifts.

DSCN4556 (2)

The first fragrance in the gift guide, and absolutely perfect for any female in your life is the Terre De Lumiere perfume, this is such a strong, sophisticated scent, it’s quite a warm fragrance in comparison to a light floral scent making it perfect for evening and more sophisticated wear. I absolutely adore the bottles that the Terre De Lumiere fragrances come in, the

DSCN4559 (2)

One of my mum’s favourite scents of anything is Rose, so what better fragrance to pick up for her for her birthday than the Roses Et Reines Eau de Toilette. This fragrance is, like the others…gorgeous! So floral and beautiful but not over powering, it smells exactly how you would imagine a rose perfume to smell, not – it’s a very wearable fragrance, I think you could wear it day or night and much like all the other L’Occitane products, is so beautifully packaged.

Along with this is the Rose face mist which makes for an absolutely perfect duo with the eau de toilette, it’s perfect for adding into your skincare routine just giving it that little boost you need to feel fresh, hydrated and smelling gorgeous!

DSCN4560 (2)

Also from L’Occitane we have the Verbena Moisturising Hand Lotion which smells incredible, its a lemon scented hand cream and it just smells so incredibly fresh and beautiful, again a perfect gift and so lovely for this time of year when you want something super fresh and light.

DSCN4564 (2)

Lastly from L’Occitane is this genius little invention, the Magic Key Tube Squeezer I think this is the cutest gift ever as it’s something you wouldn’t really buy yourself – I mean there’s no reason not to! But it’s one of those incredibly handy little things that you wouldn’t necessarily pick up for yourself, or on your ‘need’ list, but I’ve decided that if you are a regular hand cream user then you do in-fact, need this.

3. Crabtree and Evelyn

DSCN4565 (2)

Crabtree and Evelyn always come out on top when choosing a gift for anyone, everything is so beautiful and classy and the packaging makes for a perfect gift. I picked out the Lavender and Espresso Calming Hand Therapy in the 250ml size as the little pump pots are absolutely perfect for sitting on your dressing table, and they also look so pretty. I adore this scent- it’s so light and not too intense but so pretty and elegant at the same time, having a lovely hand cream is so important and I know my mum uses hand cream all the time so this will be perfect for her.

4. Muru Jewellery

You all probably know by now just how much I adore Muru Jewellery, their pieces quickly became my staple jewellery, I adore layering them, wearing them individually and also mixing and matching them together. I have never come across more beautiful jewellery in my life and if you are looking for something you can wear every day, with absolutely every outfit then Muru is perfect. 

Personally I think the price is very justified; but if you’re looking at the prices thinking eeek then please take it from me, you will get your money’s worth of wear out of them. I own a couple of their necklaces now & I quite literally never take them off- they go with everything, they’re so stylish, elegant and personal.

I picked out the Gemini Star Sign Necklace in Silver, this is such an incredibly gorgeous staple piece, so special and personal with the star sign design and one of those pieces you will just never take off. I have my own star sign in gold which I wear nearly every day layered up with a beaded chain or with the moon necklace and they’re my absolute favourite pieces. I thought it would be really lovely to gift my mum her own star sign necklace for her birthday, and as her birthday is in May that is the Gemini star sign. She wears predominantly silver jewellery so I chose the silver but you can choose each necklace in Silver, Gold or Rose Gold. I am so excited to give this to her as I know she’ll love it as much as I love mine, if you’re looking for a really special gift for someone or you want to treat yourself to a staple piece of jewellery then you absolutely must go and have a look at Muru – simply beautiful.

5. Bloom Boutique Jewellery

I am so excited to share this with you guys, as you’ve probably seen on my Instagram I’ve been wearing two other beautiful pieces from Bloom Boutique jewellery but I also picked this little piece up for my – as the necklace says- lovely mum for her birthday. I couldn’t resist choosing her birth stone and picking her a beautiful silver pendant as she, like me wears fairly simple silver jewellery on a daily basis. On one side of this I had ‘lovely mum’ engraved and on the other side, her initials. I absolutely adore this, it’s so incredibly personal and beautiful

DSCN4581 (2)

The other pieces I picked were, the Esme Personalised Initial Birthstone Necklace in which I had my name and birth stone hanging on the pendant in rose gold, and the other is the Personalised Heart Necklace in silver which is simply gorgeous and goes with everything, making it an incredibly good statement piece.


6. Miffy Art Gallery Shopping tote

Getting back to the throwback vibes of my previous post with truffle shuffle here, I had to include this gorgeous tote bag in a gift guide for my lovely mum, Miffy is such an old favourite of both of ours and I couldn’t resist this. I mean everyone needs shopping bags, and everyone loves a little bit of a throwback to their favourite childhood memories and this is just the cutest bag ever, I love the colours in contrast to the black and white outline of Miffy… it’s just too cute. As always you all know how much I love Truffle Shuffle and these throwback totes are simply gorgeous!

(If you use the code EVIE15 you get 15% off orders over £20!!)


7. The Body Shop

Tea Tree Clay Mask is one of my favourite ever Body Shop products, I love anything clay mask related as I feel like it’s the absolute best for cleansing the skin and clearing pores, and the tea tree infusion really adds to clearing the impurities and smells incredible.

I also included a Pencil Liner and Gel Liner as it’s always good to have options when it comes to liners, my mum likes to use a black liner on the top of her lid but smudge it out a bit so either of these are perfect for achieving that look.

I also went for the InstaGlow CC CreamInstablur and the Vitamin E Cream. The Vitamin E cream is a wonderful everyday cream and so lightweight and refreshing, the instablur is a perfect primer and makes it so easy to blend your foundation into your skin without having to wear too much, this is perfect for my mum as she loves to wear lighter coverage and more of a natural look. I think anything from the body shop makes a perfect gift, I especially like the make-up, face masks and creams which is why I picked out these products, and it’s so easy to tailor what you pick to whoever you’re buying for as there’s so much available for different skin types and makeup looks.


Alongside all of the lovely beauty, skincare and jewellery ideas, if you’re looking for some yummy chocolate to include then you absolutely need to get your hands on the Loving Earth bars. The flavours are absolutely incredibly, the packaging makes for a very pretty gift and they are simply delicious! You can’t really go wrong with cheese cake or salted caramel flavoured chocolate can you!

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