Foodie Evie Diaries- Gluten Free DRINKS

Drinks is something that I would never even thought of when looking for Gluten Free products but you can never be too careful when checking labels, so I’ve got a little list of some gluten free drinks that are definitely worth trying.

We are Tea

I am a huge Tea fan, I keep trying to make myself drink coffee but I just keep going back to tea and why not when you can get some incredibly gorgeous flavours, We Are Tea stock some of the most lovely tea bags and loose leaf tea and I have been trying out Peppermint leaf infusion tea, Moroccan Mint green tea, Super Berry infusion tea and Dragon well green tea. I was particularly interested in the dragon tea as it’s not like something I’ve tried before!

I love flavoured tea, particularly Mint and anything Berry related, it makes a difference from always having a builders brew and makes me feel a lot healthier and energised! I love a mint tea, it’s my favourite and always helps me settle my stomach. Not that you want to be ‘glutening’ yourself but if you do end up having a reaction/flare then peppermint tea is soooo good for helping with bloat and easing any stomach pain.

For a little fruity twist I have been absolutely loving the super berry infused tea, they are all absolutely lovely, I love how sophisticated and pretty they are, they feel like such a cute little treat especially the loose leaf teas as you make them with a strainer and they look super cute for tea parties or if you have people over for tea!


I am including these drinks in this because whilst they are made of oats and therefore NOT suitable for coeliacs, they are suitable for some people who are purely on a gluten free diet or slightly intolerant. It’s something that you need to decide upon yourself if you are able to drink them or not but obviously that is your choice šŸ™‚ They are completely vegan and dairy free s suitable for vegans and people who are lactose intolerant.

I have been trying both the chocolate and the original and they are both so nice! I love the chocolate for a bit of a different addition to your breakfast, I particularly like it on cheerios and weetabix, and it also tastes really nice warmed up like a hot chocolate! mmmmm! The original is a perfect plant based alternative and I really like the oaty taste of it, it’s not too overpowering but gives it a really creamy taste and texture.


Belvoir is one of my favourite drink brands, it was one of the ones that I was already aware of before I started this blog post series but hadn’t thought of them being gluten free before. I have loved the combination of Gin, lemonade and Elderflower cordial in a cocktail for a long time so being able to try other drinks in their range was such a treat! I have definitely discovered a new love for the Elderflower and rose cordial with gin and lemonade too, it’s absolutely delicious and a perfect drink for summer, obviously if you prefer not to consume alcohol or if you are under 18 then you can make the cordial up with just lemonade which is also delicious.

Alongside the cordials Belvoir also have mini bottles of non alcoholic single serve Presse’s andĀ  littleĀ cans which come in; elderflower presse, raspberry lemonade and ginger beer, which again make lovely alternatives to an alcoholic drink but also can be used as a mixer with alcohol if you wanted. – absolutely love these, a perfect addition, or alternative to an alcoholic drink and perfect for drinking with your BBQ’s this summer!


What A Melon

Watermelon is my ultimate favourite fruit so you can only imagine my excitement when I found these watermelon waters. Not only are they incredibly aesthetically appealing but they taste absolutely delicious, so refreshing and gorgeous. The little cartons of goodness are filled with 100% natural ingredients, 1 of your 5 a day and are so yummy. They are literally just made of watermelon juice so you know there’s nothing bad in them!

I literally love everything about these and I am going to need to stock up for summer ASAP as I literally want to drink them all the time!


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