Hosting the Perfect Pizza Party

I am all aboard the pinterest vibes, I am also all aboard pizza, wine, games and friends so what better way to spend a Saturday evening with all of those things?!

I am past the age of wanting to go ‘out out’ on a weekend anymore…I mean yeah I’m only 23 but I’d much rather delve into some snacks and a lot of wine with my favourite people whilst playing board games and laughing together.

Two of my friends are gluten intolerant, one of them is also Lactose intolerant, and I’m vegetarian… I’ve found recently that it’s actually really easy to be able to make and adapt meals to fit everyone’s requirements. I used to think ‘what the heck do I make?!’ but really, there is so many options for gluten/dairy/vegetarian and vegan alternatives and it can be really fun to explore lots of new different products out there and new exciting recipes.

For our pizza party I just couldn’t say no to these White Rabbit Co. pizzas, they cover everyone’s needs! And because they are all gluten free there is no risk for cross contamination. We had a lovely selection of pizza for our games night and with everyone’s dietary requirements taken care of we could relax and enjoy and they were absolutely delicious. As a vegetarian who generally follows a plant based diet I thoroughly enjoyed the Viva La Vegan Pizza and I also loved the Mozzeralla Fella as I am a huge cheese and tomato pizza fan! The selection includes;

I mean pizza is the best food in the world anyway but these White Rabbit Pizza Co have changed my pizza life, they are thin base pizzas which, no ~arguments~ are the best kind of pizzas, if no-one had told me they were GF I wouldn’t have known any different – you half expect gluten free products to taste cardboard-y or plain but I am yet to have any cardboard flavoured GF food and these were absolutely delicious, we all thoroughly enjoyed them!

The second part of my Pizza, wine and games night is of course, the best board games you’ll ever play. Cards against Humanity is a firm favourite of ours- this is very 18+ but considering the majority of my followers are 18-24 I didn’t think you’d mind…and if you’ve played it you’ll know how good it is!

Next on my list of games is possibly the best game you will ever play in your life, I can honestly not even begin to tell you how excited this makes me… FRIENDS MONOPLY!!!!

There’s nothing I love more than a board game and just how amazing is this! We absolutely loved playing this, I have always loved monopoly and everyone loves friends so this is a fabulous combo.

So, what’s different?! WELL, the pieces are absolutely amazing, you can play as a Pizza, Shirt, Guitar, Dinosaur, Bag or a Chefs hat – guess the characters in the comments! Your traditional houses and hotels are replaced by cups and sofas, amazing eh?! Chance and Community chest is replaced by Apartment 19 and Apartment 20, and the money is designed with lots of little friends themed sketches.

The streets and things you buy are obviously replaced by various different friends-isms, some of my faves are ‘Ross Finds Out’, ‘Monica Gets a Roommate’ and ‘Phoebe Gets Married’

I’ve always loved monopoly, but there is something really cool about having a themed monopoly of something which you love, I’ve never ventured from the original game before but I am utterly in love, its so quirky and amazing, and obviously fairly easy to pick up as you already know the basic monopoly rules! I just love this, coolest thing ever and really made our pizza and games night. If you’re hosting an evening for friends then pizza, games and wine is always a winner and you’ll have the absolute best time!

If you want to grab yourself the game then here you go! – Friends Monopoly – let me know if you get it and what you think!



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