Grey and Curly? 23 going on 83?

I’ve recently taken the plunge and dyed my hair from brown back to blonde and then to Silver/Grey. I get bored of my hair very very quickly.

I’ve never been one for going to the hairdressers for changing the colour, it’s something I’ve always found easy enough to do myself at home, and yes I have had my fair share of hair disasters and it probably WOULD look a lot better if I got it done professionally but I get so bored of my hair so quickly I like experimenting with different colours! I’ve been brown, red, blonde, pink, very very dark brown and silver and now it’s going into Spring/Summer I thought why not go blonde again?!

I’ve managed to play around with my hair so much I’ve figured out the best way for me to go from brown to blonde in only a few steps without completely breaking the bank.

I then used the Live XL blonde dye, two boxes at a time to cover my hair as it’s really thick. After I used the Live XL I completely drenched my hair in toner, I used the Colour freedom White blonde toner and it works wonders on getting the yellow and orange tones out!

Taking Care of my hair – Post Dye

I wash my hair probably every 3rd day, when I do I use the purple shampoo and then the Fudge Clean Blonde Violet Toning Conditioner which has done absolute wonders for my hair, it’s also incredibly moisturising and leaves my hair feeling really soft and undamaged which I am very grateful for considering how much I’ve battered it! This conditioner is an absolute dream, it’s left my hair feeling in better condition than ever and it smells amazing. I love how my hair feels, it’s so soft and I noticed the difference so quickly after using it only a few times.

I’ve also been lucky enough to give the Lee Stafford Rainbow Shine Wand a go and I have been completely converted to the curly hair life! I love curls on other people but I never know how to get good curls on my own hair, I love that this wand gives you such gorgeous natural wavy curls, the barrel is a perfect size, not too small so it doesn’t give you really tight ringlets but not too big so the curls aren’t too loose that they drop out, I’ve found myself reaching for this more so than my straighteners recently, it’s a must have!

Since I’ve been loving the curly hair life so much I’ve delved into the uber curly side too! Using the Chop Stick Curler I’ve managed to get the cutest tight curls I’ve ever seen. I love love love curly hair and this is so cute and bouncy. It makes me feel like Sandy from Grease & I absolutely love it!

Having these curls is so different to having the bigger, more wavy curls, they leave your hair so springy soft, it makes it look like you have naturally really really curly hair! – It also lasts a really long time! I normally go around two days between hair washes but because I’m not fiddling with my hair when it’s this curly it lasts up to three days and doesn’t really drop out at all, but if you want it back to its natural state you simply have to get it wet and it’ll all come out!

I think this is my absolute favourite product of the Lee Stafford range, purely because it transforms my hair to a completely different style that I’m not used to. At first I was scared of stepping out of my comfort zone and looking completely different but I have fallen in love with having curly hair. It doesn’t actually take that long to do either, no longer than if you’re straightening it and probably less time than looser curls because you only hold the hair on for a fraction of the time. It probably took me around 15 -20 minutes to curl my whole head and considering it lasts 2-3 days I was very impressed.

Because I’ve been mixing up my styles a little bit, I’ve been giving a couple of products a go, the first being the Macadamia Natural Hair Oil which I put on after I’ve washed and towel dried my hair before blow drying it just to keep it soft, healthy and nourished. Because of the fact I dye my hair so much and that I’ve used bleach a few times I am always after products that help keep my hair in good condition and I’ve been loving this little bottle Macadamia Oil, it works wonders on my hair and smells incredible too!

I get bored of my hair so quickly and so it’s great to have some little tools to mix it up a bit whenever you want to! I have never used curlers like these- both are absolutely fantastic and actually really work! Leaving my hair curly for so long and they’re so hassle free to use, I love them so much!

Evie x


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