Spring Skin Care Update

Recently I’ve been trying and testing a lot of different skin care products to try and find myself some staple things, some new bits to replenish my skincare routine and switch up some of the things I’ve been using for a long time. I’m a bit rubbish when it comes to skin care, I often slack on it and end up with poor tired looking skin which is very much in need of some TLC but I’ve been trying and testing lots of lovely products so I thought I’d share with you my new finds!


My ultimate favourite has to be handed to L’Occitane, their new releases of the Aqua range is incredible, my skin felt amazing after using it for just a few days. I’ve now been using it for a while and I have been mixing it up with the products and I am in love. As you will have seen in my dedicated blog post- it has done wonders for my skin and you can read all about it here.



As someone who’s always loved the gentleness of Nivea products these were a definite yes for me when it came to trying them out.

I am obsessed with anything clean, crisp and not overly fancy and Nivea are one of those brands who just always brings out the type of skincare that EVERYONE can use. I had the pleasure of running a giveaway with them a while back and the general response from people who were also Nivea lovers were that their products were such a ‘safe’ ‘go to’ range for their skin. You can trust Nivea, you know that whatever skin type you have their products will be suitable and leave your skin feeling fresh, soft, cleansed and lovely. – I couldn’t rave about them enough.

I was very lucky to try their new bits from the MicellAIR range and as always, they are gorgeous products. The MicellAIR water is my absolute go to for every day use and I just love how I pick it up without even thinking about it. It always removes my makeup with no fuss, no residue and leaves my skin feeling clean and lovely.

They have also managed to convert me to the makeup wipe life, I always used to use baby wipes as my skin can be really sensitive with wipes but I gave these a go and now there is no going back! I am a huge huge Nivea fan, always have been and always will be so if you’re looking for some really reliable, gorgeous products then pop in and grab anything by Nivea, I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Amour Noir Magnetic Face Mask

I’ve never used a face mask quite like this before but I am definitely pleasantly surprised. I love anything charcoal related as I feel like it really clears my skin and gets deep into my pores. You apply it like you would a normal face mask and it even comes with a little spatula to apply with – handy eh- you leave it for 10/15 minutes and then using the magnet- which you wrap in a bit of tissue, you run it over your face not quite touching your skin and it comes right off onto the tissue covered magnet, which you can just throw away and replace the tissue if you need to repeat it.

I love how fuss and mess free this is, you don’t get it all over your hands or all over the sink and it leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and not dry at all unlike some other face masks I’ve tried. – this defo gets a thumbs up from me and I will be incorporating it into my weekly skincare routine.


Beauty Kitchen

Next up are these bits from Beauty Kitchen, I can definitely get on board with all things natural and love having products that I know are good for both my skin and the environment

I have recently been reaching for much more natural products and have been loving using this hair and body wash in the shower most days. I can feel the difference in my hair and my skin feels a lot less ‘clogged up’

I’ve also been using the 5 minute Miracle Mask a couple of times a week, I wasn’t sure what this would be like as my skin can be a bit funny with some masks and treatments but it’s very gentle and has left my skin feeling nice and fresh and clear which is ultimately what I look for in a mask!

I have also been trying the high definition facial oil but I’ve only used this a couple of times as I didn’t want to make my skin too oily- which is something that my skin is prone too, however I have been very pleasantly surprised. It’s given my skin a little boost and because it’s completely natural it feels so good on my face and although a little skeptical at first because of it being made with Seahorse plankton I am very impressed and love this little bottle of goodness a lot!

The 60 second manicure is my absolute go to for my hands and nails, it’s become a staple product for me as I am always doing my nails with an LED lamp and because I always forget to moisturise my hands have become very dry and cracked.

The Little Wonder Lip Balm is perfect for popping in my handbag, I always have a lip balm on the go and this has defo had pride of place in my makeup bag, I hate having dry lips and this smells so good too!


Freshly Cosmetics

I’ve also had the pleasure of trying these gorgeous bits from Freshly Cosmetics. Firstly the packaging appeals to me immensely, I love how clean, crisp and white it is. I think my favourite product has to be the Fresh Green Micellar water, It smells absolutely divine, I love anything apple related and it leaves my skin feeling super fresh and lovely! I have been a lover of Micellar Water for a few years now and always find I reach for this kind of product more than anything else to remove my makeup, and this has been used every day so far!

I also have absolutely been loving the Detoxing Firming Body Cream I’ve been using this all over, and focusing on any ‘problem’ areas, firstly the smell again is gorgeous and feels so so good on my skin. It feels so nourishing and lovely and it’s almost as if you can actually feel it working!

For in the shower I’ve been reaching for the Nourishing Shower Gel with Avocado which is absolutely dreamy!! I’ve also been using the Raspberry Scrub in the shower, particularly after shaving my legs and I absolutely love it, I really think I’ve found my new favourite products with this brand…the range is so beautifully packaged, the scents are so fresh and they just leave your skin feeling super hydrated and lovely.

The last little gem in the bits I’ve been trying is the Hyper Concentration Eye Contour Serum and I’ve been popping this on in the evenings before I go to bed and it’s defo made a difference to my eyes in the morning, I feel like I look a lot less tired and my eyes feel less stingy and puffy, more fresh and ‘ready to go’ which as a glasses wearer, who’s eyes are constantly straining, feels really good!


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