Spring and Summer Time With Fragrance Direct

So its been roughly a year now since I first started working with Fragrance direct. I have been lucky enough to be part of some amazing campaigns with them and I am so happy that I can continue to share the love with you all, as you all know how much I love them by now! 

I have always loved purchasing my favourite makeup and perfumes off of Fragrance Direct, it’s such an easy website to use and you get some incredible discounts on some of the really high end brands! – you can also use your UNIdays student ID so you get another 10% student discount on top- making keeping up with your fave brands a lot easier and a lot easier on the pennies!

I’ve recently been talking a lot about how I’ve made some amazing long lasting relationships with brands and have really upped my blogging game in terms of the brands I share with you guys, narrowing down the numbers and focusing purely on the ones I wholeheartedly love and I have been loving working with for a long time.

In this post I wanted to also share some of the bits I’ve picked for Spring/Summer as this is my favourite transition of the year in terms of makeup and skin care as we start cracking out the florals and the fresh scents, the highlight gets more glowy and your skin gets more golden (I just need a beach and a cocktail now and I’ll be happy)

As you’ve probably seen, I have recently dyed my hair back to silver/grey/blonde from Brown so when I saw this I just had to try it out, I have heard nothing but amazing things about the Fudge hair products especially for blonde/grey hair and I am loving using this Clean blonde violet Toning Conditioner after washing my hair to keep my new grey tones nice and silvery – this conditioner really gets rid of the blondey/orange/yellow tones and I love it, it also smells incredible which is a huge win win for me.

(Update: I’ve been using this for about 3 weeks now and I am totally in love, it has done wonders for my hair and I can really see the difference!)


In terms of fragrance I have been utterly obsessed with Marc Jacobs for the longest time, not only are the bottles to die for, but the scents are beautiful. My favourite so far has been the Daisy Dream so when I saw that they’ve released the Twinkle range. I went for the Marc Jacobs Daisy Twinkle Eau De Toilette – I won’t lie the bottle kind of swayed it for me, but the scent is everything I’d want in a Spring Summer Fragrance. I wanted to start a new one for the new season and this is perfect! I really wanted a higher end fragrance that was really wearable during the daytime as well as for evenings out and I have definitely been reaching for this fragrance most days.

Another new scent I fell in love with is the Jimmy Choo Illicit Eau De Parfum and it is divine. I feel like its such a fresh, beautiful scent, perfect for this time of year, it’s more of a sophisticated scent than a casual wear perfume but I love it for those summer evenings when you’re out with friends and wanting to be a little more fancy than your day time fragrance.


Make-up wise I had to go for my absolute favourites, during spring summer I tend to go for a softer, lighter make-up routine day to day, I don’t like anything too heavy but I also don’t like to be too pale and bare. I tend to lessen the build up of concelear and foundation, lighten the eyes and focus on the brows and the lips. Benefit are my Holy Grail brow products and finding out that Fragrance Direct sell Benefit products made me incredibly happy! I had to pick up the Benefit Precisely My Brow Pencil as it is my absolute go to brow product, I also love the KA Brow, but for both day and night time wear I am always reaching for this brow pencil, the spoolie on the end is perfect for shaping and brushing through your brows and the pencil is so well defined it makes it super easy to get a gorgeous natural shape.

I also picked two Mac amplified creme sheen lipsticks in Cosmo and Dubonnet. I have tried so many lipstick brand but I always find myself falling back to MAC they just never let you down and to be able to get them on Fragrance Direct with such a great price and discount is perfect for my lipstick addiction. I love the softer pink-ey nude for day time wear during the summer as it looks great with a tan, and I went for a darker richer red for the summer evenings just to add something when I’m keeping the rest of my face fairly minimal.

I went for a very neutral, nude toned lip liner in Subculture just so I can pair it with any colour lip stick or wear it alone, it’s perfect for this time of year when you want to keep your make-up fairly minimal but also looks gorg with some stronger lippies too!

A new favourite of mine, and one that is going to be carrying me through this season- and probably for a very long time afterwards because I love it, is Benefit Roller Lash Holy Guacamole, this is an incredible mascara.

I used to have a mini of this mascara and I took it everywhere with me, I have never been a fan of false lashes- I feel like they just get in the way but you don’t even need them with this mascara, this is incredible. Just with one coat it makes my lashes soooo long and thick but if you do a couple of coats, boom look at me go. I am absolutely obsessed and during Spring Summer I tend to go for more of a light, shimmery eyeshadow look and drop the winged liner for a bit, because of this I want to make sure my shimmery tones stay on my eyelids all day so the Benefit Stay Don’t Stray Primer is perfect, paired with the Roller Lash Mascara my eyes are all sparkly and my lashes look long and lushhhh. This is my favourite and absolute go to look for this time of year!

If you are looking to buy any of your favourite make-up, skin care, fragrance or electricals then do go and check out Fragrance Direct I honestly couldn’t rave about them enough, a phenomenal company, amazing products and an absolute pleasure to work with.


All my love,

Evie x

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