L’Occitane Aqua Réotier – What my Skin has Been Looking For

I’ve had a huge breakthrough skin care wise, I’ve discovered a range of products that I didn’t know I needed, that I didn’t know my skin was craving…

I have sensitive, combination skin. I say sensitive because it can be left feeling raw and stingy if I use anything too harsh, or simply a combination of too many products. Yet it’s not acne or breakout prone, I get the odd pimple but nothing much. If I over exfoliate my skin hurts and feels like it’s taken a bartering, if anything is too highly scented it leaves it feeling ‘stressed’ and itchy.

If I don’t moisturise, I’m left with dry patches especially round my nose and forehead, my skin looks dull and lifeless. Yet if I moisturise every day it becomes oily and my pores become clogged. Dilemma.

However after the introduction of the new L’Occitane Aqua Réotier range I have discovered the perfect combination of products for my skin type, I’ve realised that hydration is the key to my problems and making my skin look and feel amazing.

The range is made up of five products,

Ultra thirst quenching gel

Ultra thirst quenching cream

Water gel cleanser

Moisture Prep Essence

Fresh moisturising mist – which I am yet to try!

By hydrating my skin rather than adding oils to it through moisturiser or cleanser, and using water based gel products I’m enabling my skin to soak up the hydration it needs leaving no dryness and feeling plump and fresh, but at the same time not adding or allowing any build up of oils or leaving any clogged pores.

The range smells incredible, the products are beautiful and my skin care routine now feels so luxurious and pamper-like but also so well treated and simple. That’s what I love about L’Occitane, there’s no fuss, it’s simple beautiful skincare that really makes you look and feel good. My skin has honestly never felt healthier and I am so so happy to have been able to try this out, I’ve finally discovered what my skin needs and feeling hydrated, healthy & fresh feels amazing. Hands down my favourite products I have had the honour of trying and testing for you guys and they come highly, highly recommended.

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