Sophisticated Spring Essentials


In the past couple of years I have definitely found myself spending more time on my skin care, taking more interest in day/night creams, hand treatments and also reaching for much more sophisticated brands for these types of products. I’ve felt like my skincare routine has had that ‘adult’ upgrade to some really beautiful products recently. One of my long standing favourite brands is L’Occitane; I remember visiting Covent Garden when I was in my early teens and seeing the beautiful shop there and thinking to myself, when I’m older I’m going to buy all of my beauty products from there. It was exactly the type of shop I dreamed of buying myself pretty, delicate creams and gorgeous fragrances from, everything about the brand makes me feel classy and feminine. The packaging is beautiful and so unique, the colours are so soft and elegant but striking and interesting at the same time. I love the style of the shops, the way they’re laid out and the way you walk in and are not overcome with anything too strong but are surrounded by a soft floral fragrance which makes you feel very calm and relaxed.

L’Occitane lends itself to all seasons. throughout winter the gorgeous gift sets make perfect presents for Christmas, the way they are put together, the designs and the fragrance all match the time of year and are just simply beautiful.

Spring is my favourite season, I feel as though it really is a sign of new beginnings and I love the feeling of sun on my skin, the warm air and the smell of flowers as the cold crispness starts to go away. I love Easter; I’m not religious but I love spending time with my family, going on Easter egg hunts, long spring walks and watching the evenings get slightly lighter.  I love daffodils, and seeing the little lambs being born, everything about Easter and Spring time makes me think of pretty, floral happy things and L’Occitane gives me all of those feels too.

The first items I think are essential for Spring are hand creams; as you come out of Winter your hands tend to be a little dry and cracked and need a little more TLC, as a very cold person my hands suffer a lot in the colder months so they definitely need a little looking after now. I have both the Limited Edition Rose Shea Butter Hand cream and the Limited Edition Shea Butter Hand Cream. The packaging of these is just utterly beautiful. I love the soft simple scents that don’t over power you, these feel incredibly moisturising and leave your hands feeling like they’ve had areal treat.

As we move into spring it’s nice to be able to let your skin breathe a little and soak up the sunlight but it’s still super important to keep your skin hydrated and  is Shea Ultra Rich Comforting Face Cream I’ve been mixing it up and alternating between using it first thing in the morning and on other days putting it on before I go to sleep and my skin already feels a lot more nourished and healthy looking, not to mention it smells divine.

Lastly is the Terre de Lumière L’Eau Eau de Toilette – You may have already seen this appear in my Mothers day gift guide, this is gorgeous, such a sophisticated floral yet very soft and pretty scent. I am a huge fan of perfumes that you can wear day to night and this comes as no exception, it’s utterly beautiful and the bottle is also incredibly pretty.

Crabtree & Evelyn

As some of you know if you follow me on Instagram I’ve recently dyed my hair; I’ve gone from brown to silvery/grey, now I’m very lucky in that my hair doesn’t seem to mind being dyed too much, it seems to stay in relatively good condition but of course, adding any form of bleach or lightener isn’t going to do wonders for your hair so I like to make sure that I’m keeping it in the best condition I can. I have been loving using the Goat milk Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner combination to keep it feeling soft and nourished, and there really is nothing like an amazing quality shampoo/conditioner combo to refresh your hair when it’s feeling a bit dry and lifeless!

Also from Crabtree & Evelyn is the Pear and Magnolia Hand Therapy, I fell in love with this scent back in December after I’d featured a hand cream trio in a gift guide post over Christmas, it’s the most gorgeous mix of fruity-floral-ness and I love it. The little pot has lasted a long time but the time has come to update to the big pot which I can have out on my dressing table ready to use whenever I need it. As I’m writing this I have just used it and my hands feel amazing. I’ve only recently ventured into the hand-cream life and this is a definite must have for Spring/Summer.

These are some of my favourite picks for this time of year, ever since upgrading to much more sophisticated products I have definitely noticed an increase in the clarity of my skin and hair and feels a lot more like I’m treating myself every day compared to the bits I was using before!

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