So I’ve Discovered Lots of New Snacks…

I thought that every so often I might do a post on all of the foods I’ve been loving, whether it’s a new discovery or something that I’ve just been loving more so than normal and that has been a regular in my snack box! I’ve been on the hunt for new snacks to try recently as I prefer to graze than eat bigger meals and I’ve come across some really yummy things recently!

When it comes to snacks I like to opt for healthy alternatives, you’re more likely to find me in the fruit isle than the biscuit tin, and I love wholefoods, natural healthy things to help me keep my body fueled and my energy up. Long standing favourites are Nakd Bars, rice cakes, trail mix and Hippeas! Hippeas

As you probably all know by now just how much I love these yummy snacks, I have posted several times about them but I just have to continue to share my love as they are the most delicious things in the world. I love chickpeas, any excuse and I will add them to a meal, these are literally just chickpea puffs, they’re vegan and gluten free and they come in so many flavours – my particular favourites are the Herb ones and the Far out Fajita ones. They’re perfect for on the go, or for snacking on in the evenings, you feel like you’re nibbling on some crisps but they are so much healthier for you!


Nut Butters


A new love of my life; Nut Butters. If you’ve seen my previous foodie post you’ll have seen I was trying out the Pip & Nut butters and have been totally converted, I have nothing bad to say about these delicious little pots of yumminess other than the pots aren’t big enough for my addiction!

The Coconut Almond Butter is my absolute favourite but they are all absolutely dreamy and I’ve been using them in everything that I can sneak them into!

Calsway Snacks

Another new yummy that I’ve been trying out is Calsway Snacks. I went for the Vegan box, but they also do a selection of  Protein rich Fibre rich Low fat Gluten free and Allergen free products. You can pick up a pre-made box of 12 packs, or 6 packs. You can also get a selection of various different things.

In the Vegan box I have;

  • Grandpa’s Crisps in Apple and Cinnamon x 2
  • Grandpa’s Crisps in Apple and Cocoa x2
  • Rock and Roll Balls in Strawberry and Mint x2
  • Rock and Roll Balls in Coffee x2
  • Rock and Roll Balls in Cranberry x 2
  • Fruity Stripes in Cherry x2

I am obsessed with apple crisps and whenever I eat apple I always cover it in cinnamon so the Cinnamon Apple Crisps are a huge hit with me. Such an adult thing to say but I love that the packs have a re-seal strip so you can pop them back in the cupboard to keep them fresh if you don’t want to eat the whole packet at once.

I’ve honestly been loving absolutely everything in this box, I couldn’t wait to dive in and I’ve been munching on a mixture of the snacks over the last week or so and I am completely obsessed. I’m very much a ‘grazer’, I don’t like feeling too full so I prefer to snack on lighter things and these are all perfect. My absolute favourites have to be the Cinnamon apple crisps and the Cherry Fruity stripes, they’re so delicious and more-ish but also very healthy and full of lots of yummy goodness! It’s a win win.


Pulsin Bars

I discovered these in Tesco the other day and where I’d normally opt for a Nakd bar I thought I’d branch out and my goodness I am in chocolate orange heaven. I am in love with anything chocolate orange flavoured and these are like chocolate orange cookie dough, but completely gluten free, vegan and all good things inside. These are the Orange Choc Chip Oaty Bars and they taste AMAZING.



OK I FORGOT HOW GOOD THESE ARE. I loved these when I tried them a while back, but I forgot just how amazing they are. They taste like the kind of cakes and sweet treats you’d get in a really fancy cafe but they’re literally just made with raw wholesome, healthy ingredients…what more could you want?! I am absolutely obsessed with the Salted Caramel Chia seed covered treats. They are delicious.

I have been snacking my way through a box with Choccy Orange, Salted Caramel Protein Boost, Carrot and Walnut Cake, and Choccy Hazelnut. Carrot cake is also a huge winner for me, I was convinced for a long time that I didn’t like carrot cake but I have been missing out big time, these are incredibly yummy. I love that these are the perfect little thing to pop in your handbag or lunch box, and feel like such a treat but are actually incredibly good for you, full of raw whole foods, all natural ingredients and leave your tummy feeling very happy.

Indie-Bay Snacks

I am a huge lover of pretzels, so these get a big thumbs up from me, they’re almost better than normal pretzels because the balls are thicker so you get more pretzelness in one bite (am I making sense?) …(probably not). These are SO GOOD, I am quite a savoury person so these are absolutely delicious and I’ve been loving having them to nibble on throughout the day. Not to mention the packaging and artwork is adorable.

I think my favourites have to be the Spelt Pretzel Bites with Rocksalt, I love anything salty flavoured, especially Rocksalt as it’s a lot more natural and tastes so good! They also come in Quinoa Pretzel Bites With Cracked Pepper and Sunflower Pretzel Bites Superseeds, which are also super yummy! These are defo a new favourite and I feel like I am going to need to stock up on these as a permanent addition to my snack cupboard!


Schar have recently released a new range of Gluten free pastas and they are delicious; buying gluten free alternatives to popular favourites like tortellini, ravioli and tagliatelle is so hard but these have hit the nail on the head. I am a big spinach and ricotta fan and pasta is one of my favourite foods- not one I eat very often but I think it’s time to change that! These are super yummy and my best friend who is gluten free thinks so too!

The three new options are; Spinach And Ricotta RavioliHam Tortellini, and Tagliatelle and they are now available in Morrisons stores.

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