You have got overweight, and you have got underweight, NEITHER of those are good, and either to the extreme can pose health risks and negatively impact you both physically and mentally. Promoting obesity is not ‘body confidence’ and promoting an equally dangerous underweight body is not ‘body goals’ BOTH are detrimental to your health.


So yes, you have got overweight and underweight BUT then you have this giant spectrum in between, and where you fall in that completely depends on the person. There is no right or wrong place to be, if you fall at the lower end of that spectrum that is OK, and so is falling at the higher end, there is no ONE place where you have to sit. Dr’s and medical/diet professionals make it out like you need to sit in this perfect little band of a few numbers and its crap. The spectrum between over and underweight is HUGE, unless your body is posing health risks then it doesn’t matter where it sits.


According to the BMI bullshit a person weighing 70KG at 5”6 is overweight. I mean this already screams ridiculous at me because for one the only information I’ve been given here is the person’s weight and height, it doesn’t show any other factors, how lean this person is, how much muscle they have, where they carry their weight…I mean they could have big boobs, a bum and a teeny waist and flat stomach and be perfectly healthy, not even slightly ‘overweight’.

Every single person is different, every single person will carry their weight differently because that is their body, for example…take two friends, one has a size 34E bra and one has a size 34A… (it’s ok to be in the itty bitty titty committee the same as it is ok to have more in the boob area). So take these friends, (I’m completely making these people up by the way) they both have a size 8/10 waist and can fit in the exact same pair of jeans, but person A with the ‘bigger’ boobs will have to get a top with a zip in a size 12 to go over their boobs whilst person B will have to get a size 8, however in a stretchy t-shirt they will both be able to get the same size. Their BMI’s will be completely different because person A’s boobs will weigh more than person B’s so will physically weigh more when they step on the scale. So…apart from the boobs these friends are exactly the same size, they could literally place in completely different on the BMI chart, but do you see how ridiculous this is? Just because one person happens to have bigger boobs than the other they could be labelled as a ‘higher BMI’ or an ‘overweight BMI’



Take Tanya Burr and Zoe Sugg for example; both are absolutely gorgeous ladies, Zoe is clearly a very petite person, she’s teeny all over, she doesn’t look unhealthily thin, she has a petite frame, small waist and little arms, her weight falls in her booty and thigh area (even though they are still very small!) but she looks GOOD. Then look at Tanya Burr, she is clearly a lot ‘bigger’ than Zoe, probably a good 2-3 sizes ‘bigger’, but is she overweight? GOD NO. She’s got boobs, and thighs and has a much curvier frame, but looking at her I see NO part of her that is ‘fat’ she has such a beautiful figure, and like Zoe…looks healthy, and happy.

I mean I have no idea what their BMI’s are but I guarantee on the chart they would be points apart, deeming Tanya as higher than Zoe. Why do we need to put labels on this? Why must someone’s weight and height be subjected to a number?

I had a moment of realisation earlier, I suddenly realised the sheer impact of me stepping on that scale, that little wheel spins around and settles on a number. That number then informs my mood. Why?  Why does a number on a dial on a silly little metal step make me feel happy if it goes down, and turn me into a complete mess if it goes up. WHY does that number effect every thought and every feeling? Do you know what that number is? It’s the numerical value of the gravitational pull towards the earth. THAT’S IT, and it is NOT an indication of health.

Don’t entertain the thoughts, let the thoughts come in but don’t give them the time of day, ignore them, don’t care about them. Don’t let them impact your mood. All that number tells you is a basic scientific fact (which I do think is bullshit) but it doesn’t measure your intelligence, your kindness and compassion for other people, it doesn’t measure how much your family and friends love you and it certainly doesn’t tell you your self worth or how important you are in this world. Once you stop worrying about these things, and basing your happiness and self worth on these numbers you’ll realise how much time and energy you have for all the other exciting things in life.

You are more than a number.


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