Mothers Day Gift Guide, Fragrance Not Flowers

Mothers Day is coming up on Sunday the 11th of March, and I know traditionally it’s breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolates but I love to take this opportunity to spoil my lovely mum and treat her to some lovely new things, or pretty things she has her eye on. Celebrating your mum is so important and I know you don’t need  a special day to say ‘I love you’ but what better of an excuse than Mothers Day to get your mum some lovely things. Mothers day is one of my favourite days of the year, I mean every day is an opportunity to spoil your lovely Mummy’s, but for someone who only has one parent I think it’s even more of an excuse to shower her with love, pretty things and perfume that she’s had her eye on for a while!

Fragrance Direct

Perfume is a very go to gift for my mum as she loves having a really lovely fragrance, but will very rarely buy one for herself, making it a perfect Mothers Day Gift idea. It’s a great opportunity to swap your usual flowers, chocolates and ‘love you mum‘ mugs for something more long lasting that your mum will really love!

The Chloe Signature Eau de Toilette is absolutely gorgeous; it’s such a soft scent but incredibly pretty, and floral. It’s very much a Rose-y scent, which strikes me as the perfect switch from a bunch of roses to a rose scented perfume. Not only is it a gorgeous scent, the bottle itself is so pretty and elegant and looks gorgeous on your dressing table. I couldn’t recommend this fragrance enough, I’m super fussy with perfumes but this is just gorgeous, perfect for everyday wear or for a more formal occasion.

Fragrance direct has a great section for Mothers Day Gift Ideas based around their #BuyFragranceNotFlowers campaign and have so many gorgeous perfumes available so make sure to check that out if you’re stuck for ideas.


This brand screams class to me, absolutely everything is utterly beautiful. The packaging is gorgeous and so elegant and makes such a luxurious gift. Even the website is beautiful, it’s so hard to choose something from L’Occitane because everything is so pretty I just want to fill my bedroom with all of the pretty things.

For Mothers Day I have picked up the Terre De Lumiere L’eau Eau De Toilette, the scent is so feminine and pretty, and it would make the most perfect gift for your mum for Mothers Day. I think any lady in your life would be happy to receive this, it is such a beautiful perfume and makes such a beautiful gift. Again, it’s something that your mum might not have picked up for herself as it is a bit more of a luxury, but she would definitely be over the moon to receive.

Top notes: Bergamot, Pink Pepper, Blackcurrant
Middle notes: Pink Peony
Base notes: Bitter Almond Essence, Tonka Bean, White Musk


The Body Shop

The body shop is a brand I have known and loved ever since I was very small, I love everything they stand for in terms of their cruelty free and against animal testing campaigns.  I’ve picked some of my favorite things to include in this gift guide, the first is this gorgeous perfume, my mum has been a lover of the Aqua Lily fragrance for the longest time, she’s also a huge fan of The Body Shop so I know this Japanese Cherry Blossom Strawberry Kiss Eau De Toilette will be perfect for her. It smells divine; so fruity and fresh but also a little floral and it’s just perfect for this time of year as we transition into Spring (yay!)

Secondly; I picked a couple of makeup tools- not something that my mum has a lot of and the ones she does have are years old so I thought this would be perfect to refresh her makeup collection. The first I picked is the Fresh Nude Foundation Brush which is such a perfect brush for your base, whether your mum is like mine and tends to use a BB cream and concealer rather than a full coverage foundation. I also picked the Eyeshadow Blending Brush which is such a wonderful little blending tool, it’s my absolute go-to for blending any eyeshadow looks, it’s my main brush regardless of what kind of look I’m going for so I thought it would be perfect for my mum.

Next is one of my favourite types of product, and is also one of my favourite Body Shop products, and that is the Brow Sculpt 3 in 1 which makes doing your brows so much easier, with the small wax, powder and mascara formula. You can tweak and shape your brows exactly how you want them and can go as light or full as you’d like which make it such a perfect gift for someone to be able to play around with. Personally, a mascara style part of a brow product is essential for me to get the shape I like and to brush up the ‘fluffy’ part of my brows as I love a full brow look – think Lily Collins (dream brows)

I also picked the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, there is nothing I love more at this time of year than a gorgeously healthy glow, neither my mum or I are blusher people and always tend to reach for the bronzey tones to enhance the golden glows! This is such a beautiful product and I find myself reaching for it so often I know it’ll make a perfect gift for mums!  Along with the bronzer is this Drops of Sun Honey Bronze which also adds to that perfect Spring Summer glow. It’s incredible for under your foundation, mixed in or mixed in with moisturiser for a lighter wear. I just love this. I know my mum will love it too as it’ll be perfect for mixing in with her BB cream as we move into Spring.

A final addition to this glowy Spring Summer make-up collection is the shade adjusting drops in the darker shade, what a genius invention to save yourself from having to buy a darker foundation to match your tan, whether that’s an natural or your fake tan- you don’t want your face to not match your neck. This is such a fabulous little invention just to add a droplet to your foundation to deepen the colour without having to purchase your favourite foundation in several shades!

Let me know what you are planning on getting your mum for Mothers Day, and a huge Happy Mothers day to all those gorgeous Mummies out there!

All my love

Evie x

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