Birthday Fun

On the 27th of January, I turned 23. woah.

I don’t very much feel like a 23 year old but here we are! I’d like to say a huge thank you for all the gorgeous messages you all left me on my various social medias, it makes me smile so much just seeing all the love from you – my little internet family!

I had the loveliest day; I went to Trelissick House and gardens with my family, I absolutely love National trust places, they are always so beautiful and we also went for a lovely walk around the grounds and went to the little cafe for lunch. We spent the evening playing scrabble, drinking wine and laughing. A lot.

My absolute favourite drink at the moment is a ‘Gin Fizz’ I’ve loved gin for a long time but I don’t like tonic water much so I always switch it for lemonade; I discovered that adding elder flower cordial to the mix makes the most delicious drink EVER. I have to admit, I’ve become a bit of a Gin snob too, I always reach for Gordons Gin now, as I find it the absolute tastiest! Not to mention how cool are these glasses- I’ve never had a ‘Gin Glass’ before I just used to use a wine glass, now check me out! I am a fancy fancy Gin drinker.

On Sunday, we went for another little walk in the countryside and in the evening I went to see the Greatest Showman with my friends. If you haven’t seen it…you need to! It’s honestly the best movie I’ve seen in a while and I cannot wait for it to come out on DVD.

Also how cute is this Retro Letter Peg Board; I’ve been after one of these for the longest time as they just always look so gorgeous in photos, for parties & I love the idea of using it to show a drinks or food menu if you’re having people over! It’s from one of my favourite sites Truffle Shuffle. They sell some of the most lovely things on their site, they have so many things which you’ll recognise from your childhood, or your favourite movie & I just love it.

I’ve been after a letter peg board for ages and this one is absolutely perfect, not only are they great for blog and Instagram photos but they are perfect for little additions to your room decor and can be used at parties or if you have people over. I love the idea of putting a drinks menu on it, or leaving a little quote up to make you smile!

Thank you again for all the gorgeous messages I really appreciate every single one and I had a lovely birthday! Here’s to another year, lets hope its a happy and healthy one!

All my love,

Evie x


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