One Brand Make-up Valentines Gift Guide

As you are probably all very aware by now, Glo & Ray is one of my absolute favourite make-up brands. I am yet to use a product I haven’t completely fallen in love with and every single product I’ve used has complete pride of place in my make-up bag.

Seen as Valentines day is coming up, (which also was my due date! Hello early baby) I thought you might like some ideas of products that you can either buy yourself or hint at for a gift, or if you just fancied trying out some new products for yourself and needed an excuse (not that you need any excuse to buy yourself make-up)


Glo and Ray foundation is one of my absolute favourites, it’s such a perfect amount of coverage for everyday wear, it doesn’t appear cakey, it’s easily buildable and blends really well into your skin, I absolutely adore the packaging, the matte black with the clear tubes look so classy and it means you can actually see how much you have left as it’s a pump foundation rather than a ‘pour-ey bottle’ (does that make sense? haha) I always tend to opt for the lightest shade in foundation but they do offer a gorgeous range and I’ve found that both N01 and B01 work really well for me.

Velvet Powder

For a long time I wouldn’t use anything other than my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder, no matter how many times I tried to stray from my comfort zone I’d always end up going back to that little £3.99 beauty. But, since falling in love with Glo&Ray I’ve wanted to try everything they offer because I’m not joking when I say absolutely nothing has disappointed me so far. I love both the loose powder and the compact but I find this one is perfect for popping in my hand bag and just making sure I have with me at all times, it’s a perfect colour match for the skin, it feels so soft and gorgeous and ahhhh I just love it can you tell!?!


Eternity Long Lasting Eyeliner

One of my staple Makeup items is a good mascara and eyeliner combo, this eyeliner comes in a range of colours, for this gift guide I’ve only popped in the black as it’s a bit of a staple but I’ve also tried a couple of their other colours and if you’re a coloured eyeliner person you’ll love them. I’ve found that these liners are so creamy and smooth to apply, they last a long time without having to refresh and I find they are one of the only eyeliners I’ve tried that doesn’t end up going into my undereye crease and giving me that panda look! I generally only use it for my waterline but it’s perfect for your eyelid too as it’s so easy and smooth to apply.


Ok, we’ve reached my favourite part, if you purchase nothing else please, let it be a lipstick (or five)…

I feel like I’m milking this (I promise you I’m not… you guys know that after some of the hilarious things I get sent as a blogger…ridiculously stretchy tights, rubbish weight loss products, yellow lipstick, cellulite machines…that I only ever share what I love with you!) 

genuinely have never loved lipsticks as much as I love Glo & Ray lipsticks. If you’ve read my blog you’ll see I’ve already done a lipstick review post so I won’t go into too much detail but I freaking love them. I have so many lipsticks but only my Clarins, Mac and Glo & Ray lippies are out on my dressing table and not inside my makeup storage as I reach for them on the daily. The range of colours is incredible, they last AGES and they just apply so well & look so flawless. Whenever I’m wearing one I get so many compliments & I honestly couldn’t reccomend you guys enough. If you’d like a more in depth description & colours then have a look at my  The Best Lipsticks in the World post! 


Perfect Arch Scuplting Brow Pencil


The Brow Arch pencil is fab because it’s almost like a cross between a pencil and a pomade, which to me is a perfect combo. I normally reach for a pomade as I find it really easy to shape my brows with it but I do like to use a pencil for more definition, however sometimes finding pencils more harsh so this is the perfect in between, the product is angled & very soft, it is basically a pomade in a pencil form so is very easy to apply and easy to get a really nice shape.


Glo & Ray do two different mascaras, one of them is uber teeny and it’s completely different to any other mascara I’ve ever used but is so good for really getting into your lashes to lengthen them and also for bottom lashes, but if you’re just looking for a more ‘normal’ mascara then the Air Extreme Volume mascara is perfect for that! I love love love this, it’s quickly become my favourite mascara, it really thickens and lengthens your mascara but doesn’t leave any clumps, I find myself reaching for this so often.

Cleansing gel

Move over Micellar water. They’ve done it again!

I freaking love this. It gets my makeup off so so quickly and leaves my skin feeling super refreshed and lovely. I have very sensitive skin and anything too harsh leaves it feeling sore and stingy. This is so nice and soothing it makes taking my makeup off a lot lot nicer.

I hope you enjoyed reading, let me know what your favourite Glo & Ray products are

All my love

Evie x

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