The Best Lipsticks in the World

It’s rare that I find a brand I love so much that I want & need to own nearly every product they release. The majority of my makeup collection is made up of various brands, new and old with only a few that really stand out to me.

When I came across Glo&Ray I actually won a competition through Instagram to win and eyeliner set & some lipsticks. I entered it on a whim after a friend tagged me and around a year later I own pretty much every single product of theirs.

Although every single lipstick is incredible I’ve picked out my favourites to share with you. What stands out to me about these lipsticks in comparison to a lot of others I own is the formula. They are so incredibly buttery and creamy, they apply like a dream & I am awful at putting on lipstick, I’m like a child it always ends up all over my face but these are so easy to apply and stay on all day with only a little top up necessary.

The packaging is incredibly beautiful, it’s very unique and classy and feels very expensive. The mattes come in black sleek packaging and the shimmers come in the red. I think the shimmers are my favourites, purely because they’re so glossy and gorgeous. The colour ranges are perfect, with your bold reds, dark berries, simple nudes and beautiful oranges.

Mysterious 640:This is my go-to favourite colour for everyday wear, and if I have a heavy eye-look for evening wear too. It’s such a gorgeous deep nude with slight berry tones, I love this deeper colour for this time of year, it’s not too dark so much more wearable for everyday as I do find myself reaching for slightly darker tones or nudes during autumn/winter.

Memory 621:This is so so beautiful, it’s even darker again in comparison to Mysterious, but I just love it. It’s a very dark reddy purple which can give a very grungy look if that’s what you’re going for with a darker, more full eye look or just paired with a simple single shimmer eyeshadow will make the lipstick pop and again, absolutely perfect for this time of year.

Forever 641:Every time I go to talk about one I want to say ‘this is one of my favourites’ and it’s honesty because I love them all so so much. It’s so hard to choose a favourite when they’re all so perfect for different outfits and occasions. This is a fairly deep red but with quite strong orange tones running through – it’s not a pure red and if you’re like me and forever trying to choose between red and orange then this is perfect for you. I think this colour is the perfect transition colour between seasons but let’s be honest I’ll be wearing it all year round!

Crush 650:Crush is the most pink toned lipstick from Glo & Ray that I own. I don’t often reach for pinks unless it’s a much deeper more magenta colour but it’s always good to have the option of a pinky nude and this does not dissapoint! It’s a very simple, pretty colour and because it’s more nude toned than pink I find it very easily wearable.

Marigold 644:Marigold has to be my favourite colour for Spring Summer, it’s such a perfect orange without being too bright, I’m not a big fan of  bright liptsticks I always reach for deeper tones but in the warmer months it’s nice to reach for a more bright and light colour & I find this is a very happy medium.

Love and Hate 620:I think Love and Hate is one of my favourites; again it’s such a gorgeous deep colour but it’s more red toned than berry so not too dark or grungy. I find that I reach for this on a daily basis, it goes with almost any eye look and just looks lovely with any outfit or style of make-up. It’s not too subtle but equally it’s not in your face. I think if you’re just looking for one very versatile lip colour then this would be perfect for you.

Imprint Red 619:

The most beautiful statement red lipstick you will ever own. I honestly never reach for anything else if I’m going for a statement red lip. I find it really hard to find that perfect red that you want to pair with an all black outfit. They’re always either slightly orangey, slightly pink or too matte and leave a stain on your lips. Look no further I promise this will change your LBD outfit for the better.

Gerbera 611:Lastly is my fave shade for summer, it’s even more of a true orange than Marigold but just screams summer at me. Because it’s a matte colour obviously it’s not as shimmery as Marigold but it’s equally as beautiful and looks a dream with denim or ditsy floral prints… I am dreaming of the summer!

I hope you enjoyed this read and love Glo&Ray as much as I do. I am so excited to be able to continue sharing with you one of my absolute favourite brands & I am so lucky to work with them but I wholeheartedly adore their products & I hope you do too.

All my love

Evie x


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