BLOGMAS DAY NINETEEN: Party Season Fragrances

Smelling nice is so important, obviously you don’t have to smell like an expensive fragrance but just smelling good and feeling like you smell good is uplifting and makes you feel super nice. Especially around this time of year when you’re spending a lot of time getting dressed up all fancy and glittery, going to parties and out for Christmas drinks, you want to smell extra lovely too!


This has been my favourite this whole year, but I have been reaching for it more and more in the autumn winter months, I find myself wanting to wear this all the time but I try and save it for more special occasions or for evenings out. It’s such an incredibly beautiful fragrance and I know that when I run out, despite the slightly heftier price tag I will be repurchasing it as I just love it so much. I wear it a lot of ‘normal’ days but I always reach for it if i’m going out anywhere special before any other fragrance.


I’ve had this perfume for a while now but I’ve found myself reaching for it more so in the past few weeks, every time i wear it I am complemented on how lovely it is and it seems to last all day, I feel like its very pretty scent and I just love wearing it on a day to day basis. Everyone always complements me when I wear it, I find it more of a day time fragrance than an evening one but it’s perfect for wintery days out!


Until recently I hadn’t tried any Hugo boss fragrances so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I fell in love pretty quickly. I am useless at describing scents but please do pop into a store and test it out because you will probably love it. I get a lot of compliments on this fragrance and I am loving it more and more every time I wear it. It feels like a very sophisticated scent, it’s perfect for day or night time wear and the bottle itself is so beautiful!


I received a couple of body sprays in jack wills gift sets for my birthday and Christmas last year, and I have used these so much the last 12 months. They stay on for so long considering they’re only a spray not a perfume. They smell incredible and I just absolutely love them, my face is hope cove and I actually went back and picked up another one because I love it so much. They are so affordable as well compared to some of the more expensive perfumes and a lot of the time they come in the Christmas gift sets in boots.


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