BLOGMAS DAY EIGHT: Stocking Fillers, Non Beauty Edition

Stockings are one of my favourite parts of Christmas. Even now I’m older my mum and I still do stockings for each other and quite often my friends and I will also do them!

Whether you’re doing them for a friend, family member or a child I thought I’d give you some ideas of little gifts to give your loved ones that aren’t beauty related.


This is probably no surprise but I love finding the persons favourite chocolate and popping it in the stocking, for my mum I normally always get her some Turkish delight, some chocolate covered marzipan and chocolate coins! I also love the tubes of smarties and of course a good old selection box, is it me or does seasonal chocolate taste so much better than normal? Another cute idea is to get some old jars, tie some ribbon around them and pop in a mixture of chocolates and sweets. These are not only incredibly cute and you can fill them with the persons favourite treats -they are also very cheap to make on a budget! I also picked up these little Christmas tree jelly sweet to pop in too from Wilko.

If you’re looking for a more ‘fancy’ treat to include in someones stocking why not grab a gorgeous tin of Crabtree and Evelyn’s handmade fudge. These are perfect for a Cosy Night in, or just as a gift for someone who likes more fancy treats – the tin is also gorgeous so makes an even more special gift!


You can’t ever go wrong with socks, I adore these cuties from Happy Socks. I’ve loved Happy Socks for ages now as they were one of the first brands I worked with as a blogger but this set of Christmas socks is so cute and an absolutely perfect stocking filler. Any of their socks on their website are perfect for a gift but this Christmas set is absolutely gorgeous and I love the little gift box they come in!

I also love these festive socks from Truffle Shuffle. The coca cola ‘Holidays are Coming ad is my absolute favourite.  When I was little me and my sister used to say once we’d seen the advert we were allowed to start counting down but not before! When the lorry came to my town a couple of Christmases ago it honestly made my year, I’m such a sucker for traditions but I just love how festive this makes me feel, so what better gift to add to a stocking than these Coca Cola socks in a gorgeous bauble.


Mugs are a great stocking filler, I feel like mugs are one of those things you don’t often pick up for yourself, or ever think ‘I could do with a new mug’ but they make such great gifts and I found some amazing ones on my hunt for stocking fillers!

I love this super cute personalised Mr Men and Little Miss mug. I was obsessed with Mr Men when I was little so things that are a 90’s throwback I am completely down for! And what better way to say I love you than with something personalised!

I love the style of the metal ‘camping style’ mugs – this is actually from the kids section on the website but I really like this style of mug over a ‘normal’ mug. They’re so handy for taking anywhere with you and they look so retro and gorgeous. These would make a perfect gift for a child you’re looking to buy for and they would love the personalisation, or for someone who loved Mr Men and Little Miss as much as I did when I was little! (who also couldn’t ever get anything with my name on it!)

Along with the personalised mug you can also pick up coasters, pictures and tupperware lunch boxes. They’re perfect for kids but also for friends especially if they grew up loving Mr Men! Why not choose their favourite Little Miss or Mr Men character and get them a personalised mug or lunchbox for them to take to work?!

If you pop along to selected Debhanems stores over Christmas Mr. Men Little Miss have pop-up personalisation stands in Sheffield, Oxford Street, Manchester, Lakeside, Milton Keynes & Glasgow 

The first is again from Truffle Shuffle, if you know me you’ll know I love Harry Potter – I don’t like anything too over the top, nor do I want a Harry Potter themed bedroom but the little gifts which are a little nod to HP are perfect. I am absolutely in love with this Muggle Studies mug. I love the shape of it, the quality is amazing and it’s just such a perfect gift for anyone who loves Harry Potter too!

How cute is this Little Harry Potter Potions Master Pin? I just love things like this to pop on denim jackets and bags. It’s such beautiful quality and would be a perfect little stocking filler for a Harry Potter fan, just to pop in their stocking. I’m going to pin this to my black denim jacket as its nice and subtle but also very very cute.

I hope this helps some of you with ideas for stocking fillers! It can be so hard to find little things people will love but when you find the right things these kind of gifts are perfect!!

All my love

Evie x

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