BLOGMAS DAY TWO: Girly Gift Guide

Some of my favourite people to buy for, for Christmas is children. There are always so many things I spot and think ‘I know who’d love that!’ I think my inner child comes out and I get excited about all of the things I would have loved when I was little!

I think the things I’ve picked up would be suitable for any girl between the ages of roughly 6/7 up to a young teenager. I love some of these things so much, most are from Superdrug and they have some absolutely gorgeous girly bits at the moment that are perfect for Christmas!

First thing I picked out was this beauty advent calendar. I know a lot of people wouldn’t want to buy children makeup but with these advent calendars the products are the kind of thing you had when you first started wearing make-up like lip gloss and some glitter you can use on your face/hair/nails! and I think they make a nice gift for a little girl who’s starting to try out make-up. maybe 10ish!

I absolutely fell in love with this little hot water bottle and sock set. I feel like this would be a perfect gift for any female in your life as its super cosy and super cute but I thought the fact it was mini made it a perfect gift for a young girl!

I also chose this cute little fleecy blanket which is super soft and gorgeous. It’s perfect for this time of year as it has little gold hearts and a sort of snowflake pattern which I love- it’s really festive and so so soft and cosy!

You can never go wrong with stickers, note pads and cute tape. I love the cactus design it’s just too cute and absolutely perfect for who I have in mind for this! I know she’ll love it. I loved (& still love) notepads and cute stationary so I think this note book and sticker book & tape is a fab go to present for a young girl!


One of my favourite go to gifts is nail varnish, I love love love nail varnish and I never really buy myself any because I always tell myself I have enough so I get really excited when people buy me nail polish as it feels like a real treat! I picked up these really sparkly Barry M polishes as I was after something glittery for Christmas but these would also be absolutely perfect for a girly gift!

Another thing I love doing is picking out the persons favourite sweet treats to go with their gift, I picked up some pink smarties because you can’t get any girly-er than pink smarties! I also found these Christmas Percy Pigs the other day in M&S and Percy Pigs are the best!

I hope this helps if you’re looking to buy some girly gifts for younger people – I have a couple of younger people to buy for and as I said, shopping for children is one of my favourite things to do!


Evie x


2 thoughts on “BLOGMAS DAY TWO: Girly Gift Guide

  1. Superb choices Evie. Wish I’d known about the make up advent calendar earlier! I have a certain little girl in mind who would have loved that at the moment.

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