BLOGMAS DAY ONE: Christmas Jewellery

Originally I’d planned this as a gift guide- and if you are looking for some really special pieces for someone as a present then I highly recommend the pieces I am going to share with you however I thought I’d just show you what I’ve been loving recently and my current ‘go to’ Jewellery for winter that I have been wearing all the time.



I’ve recently been gifted the most beautiful Pandora earrings. They are gorgeous little snowflakes and they’re the first pair of Pandora earrings I have which I absolutely love, whenever I go for Pandora I always go straight to the rings but I have now discovered my love for their earrings too. These are so dainty and cute, they’re sparkly and gorgeous and utterly perfect for the winter & Christmas.


You probably all know by now just how much I love MURU jewellery. I have been very very kindly gifted all of these pieces- I know I am incredibly lucky- but that hasn’t created my opinion of the brand. The reason I’ve continued to work with them is because their pieces are quite literally the most beautiful pieces of jewellery I have ever owned. I can so see the appeal of paying more for a piece which you’ll wear time and time again rather than buying something cheaper and not thinking much of it.

The most recent addition to my collection is my beautiful Gold Drop Crescent necklace this has quickly become a staple piece in my jewellery collection and I’ve rarely taken it off since I received it. That’s what makes these pieces so special is the fact I wear them every single day- so although you may initially think they’re more expensive than you may normally splash out on a necklace, they are so worth it if you’re going to wear them as much as I do!

These pieces are all incredibly special to me and I honestly wear them probably 5/7 days a week. Each piece goes with every outfit I wear and I love to mix and match them & layer them with each other. These would make an incredibly special gift for someone you love. My absolute favourite piece I own is my Constellation Necklace, you can get each star sign in a necklace and you can either have silver, gold or rose gold. I stuck to gold for all of my pieces as I love to be able to layer them together.

You can also see my beautiful little Cresent moon here too, I love to pair this with the constellation necklace or just with the beaded chain and it actually has two loops on it so you can alter the length.

All my love,


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