New Hair New Tools

So recently I’ve decided to go back to being a brunette, I was a blondie for over a year and that’s a long time for me to stick with the same hair colour! I think brunette will always be my happy colour and I’ll always revert back to it even though I love experimenting I think I feel most comfortable being brown!

Having a new hair colour or cut always makes me want to branch out and try different styles and be a bit more adventurous. I have been trying out the Lee Stafford Coco Loco Wonderball wand which is infused with coconut oil and I am IN LOVE.

I love having curly hair, my hair is naturally kind of straight and ‘flicky’ so if I want it to look interesting I either have to enhance the curls or straighten it. I’ve been trying out this wand because unlike a straight barreled wand it gives you the option of lose curls or tight curls depending on where on the barrel you wrap and hold your hair. If you wrap it around the ‘ball’ part then it’ll create more loose, soft curls when they fall, whereas if you wrap your hair around the thinner middle parts of  the wand the curls fall a lot tighter and more precise. It’s so good being able to create both types of curls with one tool and I think it makes it look more natural having a mixture of both throughout your hair.

I love the ‘cork screw’ curl look but I feel like this type of curl is a lot more natural and effortless, this little curler is a new found go-to amazing tool, I love the style it creates and the look of your hair and just how easy it is to use, I’ve found that I’ve been reaching for it a lot recently and it makes my hair look a lot more interesting!

Please do check out the Lee Stafford website for the whole range of gorgeous products, I’ve always loved Lee Stafford hair care, I remember getting some of the minis in my stocking one Christmas! And to be able to work with them as an adult & a blogger is a wonderful opportunity, I love the Wonder-ball curler & I know you all will too!

All my love

Evie xx

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