I love Halloween, I almost love it just as much as Christmas, I love anything seasonal to be honest but if I have the excuse to dress up, do crazy makeup and make my bedroom look incredibly cute and cosy then I am all for it.

This year I have had the wonderful opportunity to work with the incredible brand Smiffys. I worked with them back in carnival week which you can see here.  But I jumped at the chance to work with them again over Halloween as I absolutely love their products. I often see their wigs, make-up and costumes in various shops, for examples I saw some bits in TKmax the other day & their brand is often in fancy dress shops but you absolutely need to check out their website if you’re looking for costumes, wigs, make up and accessories.

The website is absolutely full of amazing costumes and accessories for every occasion you could ever need them for. I had a good root through their Halloween selection and chose my two favourites and I couldn’t be happier with them.

Sizing: I will note that I would probably go for your size/size up in any costumes as they go often come up slightly smaller than your average item of clothing, I went for my size/the size up and it fits me perfectly, so definitely don’t size down.

Day of the Dead

The first of my two costumes I’m going for this Halloween is the Day of The Dead costume, I’ve found my love for this style this year, it’s not something I’ve ever opted for but I’ve noticed it being in a lot of shops and I adore this dress. It comes with the dress and the headband and I also picked up a make-up  set and some lace gloves to go with it. I love how it’s not particularly scary I mean I know that’s the point of Halloween but I really like the more ‘pretty’ and interesting costumes as opposed to some horrifically scary clown (shudders). Anyway, I hope you like the way I’ve styled it, and I took my make-up inspiration from Pinterest and Instagram

Ghost Doll

I think this Ghost Doll costume might be my favourite ever Halloween costume I have ever found. When I think Ghost I think sheet over your head with holes cut out for eyes but Smiffys have taken the ghosts to a whole new level. Their Ghost costumes are so so clever, they’re the same as some of the ‘normal’ costumes but in complete grey and white material, and paired with some white tights/gloves, white face paint and a white/grey wig you look completely ghost like, it’s so so clever I. am. SHOOK.

I paired my Ghost Doll costume with the Ghostly Glamour Wig and their wigs are another thing to mention, the quality of them is incredible and they are so easy to wear and style. I also picked up a hair net to make it easier to prep my hair before hand but the wigs are fantastic and like everything else, there are so many options for whatever you’re looking for on the website.

SFX Effects

SFX makeup is something I’ve wanted to venture into for a long time but only recently I’ve had the tools to do so, and after a lot of pinterest-ing I’ve been practicing with the liquid latex, face paint and fake blood from Smiffys. It’s so much easier than I thought it would be, and it’s a lot of fun, I love creating full makeup looks with it but also just simple wounds which are incredibly simple. I always thought it looked really hard but all you need to do is create and build up layers- waiting for it to dry in between each layer with the liquid latex and little pieces of tissue to make it look more realistic. Once it’s dried you can cut it and rip it however you like and use the fake blood, and makeup to create some incredibly realistic looks!


I’ll leave a link to all of the products below so you can grab the products you like the look of with ease, but please do take some time to look properly through the website as you will find so many amazing things on there whatever the occasion!

  1. Day of The Dead Costume
  2. Day of the Dead Wig
  3. Headband
  4. Gloves
  5. Ghost Costume
  6. Tights
  7. Liquid Latex
  8. Fake Blood
  9. Face Paint
  10. Sponges


All my love

Evie x


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