Homeware Wish List

Recently I’ve really wanted to give my room a bit of a revamp. It’s been in the process of it for a while now but there are still parts of it I’m not happy with and I really want to make it look more grown up and sophisticated. 


I think the key to having a revamp is to de clutter everything first. There’s no point bringing in new things if all of your old stuff is still cluttering up your space, de-cluttering makes your room feel new and fresh and getting rid of things you don’t need anymore is so therapeutic.


I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous prints recently floating around social media. Some of the larger ones with quotes on are some of my favourites but I also love the arty ones and the leaf print style ones. Banana leaves are a bit of a thing at the moment and I am loving that trend! I have seen some gorgeous ones on places like Etsy and Notonthehighstreet.com but there’s so many places that sell nice prints.


I am an absolute sucker for cushions. I have far too many but I always want more. I find that cushions are one of the biggest things that change the look of  a room so I have a few different cushions which I mix and match with different duvets, but here are some others I’ve found on Pinterest which I love the look of.

Some of my favourites are the ones with tassels on, especially the multi-coloured ones, they’re gorgeous. I also love cushions with embroidery and quotes on. They sell some incredible ones in places like urban outfitters and on ETSY.


I have been on the hunt for a large freestanding mirror for ages now and I am yet to find one I really like. I adore the wider-than-average ornate style mirrors but sometimes they can be uber expensive so I haven’t found one I really like yet but this is the type of one I’m looking for.




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