The Best High End Mascara

For a long time, ‘high end’ wasn’t something I ventured into. I am a firm believer that drug store make-up is more than amazing but there have been a few higher end mascaras I’ve been trying recently which I definitely think are worth the hype!

Too-Faced Better Than Sex


Without sounding dramatic, this mascara has quite literally changed my make-up life. I keep trying to tell myself to save it for occasions or if I’m doing something fancy but I reach for it every day because it really is that good. Not only do I adore the packaging, it’s so flawless, it’s almost metal like- it’s so heavy. It’s gorgeous and I love it. But the product itself is a whole new level of amazing. It applies like a dream, it volumises the lashes and lengthens them with only a few strokes and it literally does last all day. I rarely use eyelash curlers when I use this mascara because I literally don’t need to. The mascara works wonders by itself and I highly recommend investing.

Benefit Roller Lash

This is my favourite of the Benefit Mascaras. Again the packaging is gorgeous and really appeals to me but I love the shape of the wand itself. Its a curved wand which enables you to really push the lashes up. It makes your lashes look really full and thick which I love. You don’t need a lot of product either as a little goes a long way which means it doesn’t look clumpy and it lasts ages.

Benefit They’re Real

Although Roller Lash is my favourite I do still really like They’re Real by Benefit too. This one has a straight wand as opposed to the Roller Lash’s curved wand but its really good at getting right into your lashes and separating them. I feel like this mascara does give a more natural look and the Roller lash more of a ‘false lash’ effect but they’re equally as good – just for slightly different looks. I find this one makes your lashes look super long and gorgeous and I love it for everyday wear.

Let me know what your favourite high end mascara is,

All my love,

Evie x


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